Everything You Need To Know About Prince George's New School

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It seems like only yesterday the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were introducing their adorable little boy, Prince George, to the world.

However, we all know how quickly the time passes, and we can't quite believe that the young Prince starts hisprimary school education on Thursday.

And royal watchers were left surprised when it was revealed George wouldn't be following in the footsteps of his father at the famous Wetherby school in Notting Hill, which is said to be the traditional choice for the royals.

The family have made their own choice for their eldest son. Prince George's school for the foreseeable future is the London-based St Thomas's Battersea, which is handily situated just 20 minutes from his families Kensington Palace home.

Inevitably, your first child's venture into school life is a big step, and it can of course leave parents feeling nervous about the transition. But rest assured that Thomas's Battersea plans to make things as easy as possible for the nervous Duke and Duchess.

Reportedly, the school will make sure the royal parents "feel secure" leaving little George in someone else's care, with a drinks reception for pupils' parents to mingle at, a handbook, and even a workshop to explain to them what their son will be learning in his first year.

The school consistently wins itself 'Outstanding' Ofsted reports - and we wouldn't expect anythig less for the future King of Englans! The Duke and Duchess can rest assured their little boy will recieve a stellar education.

However, a recent report fromThe Good Schools Guidedescribed the school as "chaotic" and "overwhelming".

The review stated that St Thomas's Battersea was a "big, busy, slightly chaotic school for cosmopolitan parents who want their children to have the best English education money can buy. That is what they want and, to a large degree, that is what they get".

They also added that there were "plenty of opportunities for pupils to excel but withdrawn types might find it all somewhat overwhelming". Given how animated George appears from what we've seen of him so far, this shouldn't be too much of a problem..

And hopefully, the tasty range of snacks on offer ar school will more than make up for the hectic atmosphere for the young prince.

Reportedly, morning snacks for pupils include "organic milk, freshly baked pain aux raisin and grissini wholewheat bread sticks" - undoubtedly the perfect choice for a royal.

And rest assured that the school facilities are fit for a royal too. Apparently, the £17,000 a year school has computer suites, science labaratories, a new music centre, art studios, two pottery rooms, and a rooftop playground! Prince George will also get an early education in languages too, and will be taught French as soon as he starts, and later, Latin, from year five.

Reportedly, the school also boasts its own Great Hall with "huge productions". But apparently, one parent has compained that "they are always musicals - not much use if your child can't sing".

Despite the grandeur of Thomas's, like every other first time school-child, George will also have to be kitted out in all the right gear before he begins lessons at the £6,000 a term school.

Prince George's uniform has been revealed in an extensive list posted by the school itself. And it's probably no surprise that the long list of items will set William and Catherine back a pretty penny. The range however is widely available from Peter Jones at John Lewis.

So what is the young royal going to need for his first year of school?

Prince George uniform - winter

1 Thomas's navy jacket 1 Thomas's navy v-neck Jersey 2 red polo neck ½ navy bermudas 2/3 pairs of long red/navy regulation socks 1 pair of black polishable shoes 1 pair of navy gloves 1 navy hat 1 navy scarf

Prince George uniform - summer

2 short sleeved light blue shirts 3 pairs of navy ankle socks. 1 white sun hat

Prince George uniform - sports

1 Thomas's navy tracksuit 1 white t-shirt 1 house coloured t-shirt 1 pair of navy games/gym shorts 2 pairs of white sports socks 1 pair of trainers 1 Thomas's cagoule

Art uniform

1 red art smock


1 navy cloth gym/games bag

1 Thomas's rucksack (lower school)

What a list! But surprisingly, the price of the uniform is not all that extravagent. Individually, the items are all reasonably priced - for example, the backpack costs just £13, while the sun hat is priced at £6.

All together, the year's uniform will cost the Duke and Duchess around £400. But given how much most will have forked out for uniform over the years, this probably isn't half as expensive as many would have guessed.

Money aside, we can't wait to see the adorable pictures of Prince George in his uniform!

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