Prince George’s New School Breaks With Royal Tradition

It’s just been confirmed that Prince George will attend the £17,000 a year Thomas’s Battersea School in Battersea, South London, when the family move back to the capital later this year.

It was thought that Prince George might attend Wetherby School in Notting Hill, but a post from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official Twitter account confirmed his attendance at the South London school instead.

In a joint statement, the couple have said, “Their Royal Highnesses are delighted to have found a school where they are confident George will have a happy and successful start to his education.”


And George’s attendance at the school will mark a big break in royal tradition, in that Thomas’s is a mixed sex school. Traditionally, male members of the royal family have gone to same-sex boy’s schools. Prince William and Prince Harry famously attended the Wetherby Pre-Preparatory School in London, and later went on to attend Eton – both well-known, prestigious boy’s schools.

So could Catherine be influencing the break from the royal norm?

(Thomas’s school)

The school seems to align closely with the Duchess’ values, stating that
“we place a greater emphasis on a set of core values, which include
kindness, courtesy, confidence, humility and learning to be givers, not
takers.” Apparently, being “kind” is also their “most important school rule” – and children are actively
discouraged from picking a ‘best friend’, in order to not hurt other
children’s feelings.

Catherine has previously said that, “My parents taught me about the
importance of qualities like kindness, respect, and honesty, and I
realise how central values like these have been to me throughout my
life. That is why William and I want to teach our little children,
George and Charlotte, just how important these things are as they grow

And it could well be that Catherine and William would like their children to both attend the same school, which wouldn’t be possible had George been sent to Wetherby. Could that be the reason he’s off to Thomas’s?

The private day school is famed for its focus on the arts, sports, and outdoor activities, which should also fit pretty well considering George’s sporty parents. It’s also a highly renowned school for getting its pupils into top performing schools, which will also bode well for George, who is third in line to the throne.

The headmaster of Thomas’s Battersea has said “We greatly look forward to welcoming him and all of our new pupils to the school in September.”

But George, who currently attends Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk, won’t be the first famous face to bag a place at the London school. Past attendees include model Cara Delevigne, and Florence Welch, of the band Florence and the Machine.