Petition to replace Nick and Vanessa Lachey as Love Is Blind hosts takes off

Following the explosive Love is Blind season four reunion, some fans are calling for hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey to be replaced

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The reunion episode of season four of Love Is Blind divided fans when it was released on Friday, April 14, 2023, and now there's a petition to replace the hosts.

When the reunion episode of Love Is Blind season four was released, fans all had one common complaint, and it wasn't about the contestants. Following the episode, fans were disappointed with Nick and Vanessa Lachey's hosting skills and took to social media to complain about the hosts.

"Petition to replace Nick and Vanessa. They add nothing. Vanessa always has a bias against a cast member or two, talks about herself/Nick, and never asks good questions. Girl, we don't care how you feel," said one fan on Twitter.

"Vanessa Lachey grilling Marshall over a term she doesn't know he said or didn't say, while at the same time letting Jackie off the hook for literally everything... replace the Lachey's And lord will she let ANYONE else talk? I promise Love Is Blind will be fine without them," said another.

Some complaints were less about Nick and more about Vanessa specifically. "#LoveIsBlind the reunion is always nauseating to watch because of Vanessa Lachey. She picks sides, cuts people off, bullies the male cast, pushes motherhood onto women, and generally tries way too hard to be cool. Netflix please just let Nick do this solo," said one fan.

Others even suggested that the new hosts of the show could be former contestants, Lauren and Cameron from season one. "I want Cameron and Lauren to host love is blind. Vanessa is annoying, insensitive, and bias. Nick is just irrelevant to me tbh," said one fan. "Is there already a petition to replace Nick and Vanessa with Cameron and Lauren as hosts? If not, someone should start one #LoveIsBlind," said another.

While there isn't a petition to see Cameron and Lauren replace Vanessa and Nick, there is a new petition to see the hosts replaced with 'literally anyone else'.

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A petition to Remove Nick and Vanessa Lachey as the Hosts of Love is Blind has gone viral as fans are calling for the hosts to be replaced. The creator of the petition explained, "Love is Blind is a reality-based TV show that allows couples to date and choose their partner without ever seeing them. The show has had a ton of success but has one large problem - the hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey."

The petition explained some key problems with the show which included the hosts 'directing as much attention at themselves and their personal lives rather than focusing on the contestants that are actually participating in the experiment.'

The creator criticized Vanessa specifically and stated that she spoke over contestants and cut into conversations in order to 'stir-up drama'. The petition also highlighted comments Nick made about his ex-wife Jessica Simpson when he said 'second marriages are always the best' in the season 3 reunion.

Love is Blind

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The petition ended with a call to action that read, "Join the thousands of Love is Blind fans in making the show evolve into the best version of itself by removing Nick and Vanessa Lachey as hosts and replacing them with…. Well literally anyone else."

Already, more than 19k people have signed this petition, and it is nearing its goal of 25k signatures. The petition seems to be taking off with fans but it is unclear if Netflix will listen to these demands and take fans' opinions into consideration when creating the next series.

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