Patty - Wordle 416 frustrates fans with American word, 'Bloody hell Wordle...once again you've RUINED my day!'

The word 'patty' has infuriated players who struggled to solve the recent challenge

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The word 'patty' confused Wordle players on Tuesday, August 9, as fans struggled to solve the most recent challenge and complained it wasn't a common word in the UK. 

Words such as coyly, quartagapeaphid, and trite are some of the most recent Wordle challenges that have confused players. On August 9, 2022, the New York Times threw another similar curveball as players were challenged to solve the five-letter word 'patty'.

Many fans in the UK were particularly frustrated with this challenge as they took to social media to insist that this was an American word that is not common in Britain.

Wordle starter words

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"Bloody hell Wordle...once again you've RUINED my day!!! That's not even a word we use in Britain!! Ok we do a bit.... Wordle 416 X/6," said one fan on Twitter.

"Not English in my honest opinion. Wordle 416 4/6," said another on social media.

"The attempted destruction of the English language continues apace WORDLE 416 -'The word “xxxxx” is also used in American English but almost unknown in British English' If you want to foist yr illiteracy on o'rs, pls try to confine it to material that only yrs might read," said yet another player.

One player even said that UK players were at a disadvantage because of these word choices. "There have been a lot of American usages lately. Leaves us English speakers at a disadvantage Wordle 416 4/6*"

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Patty meaning

The Oxford dictionary defines the word patty as, 'finely chopped meat, fish, etc. formed into a small, round, flat shape a hamburger patty.' There is also an additional meaning specific to North America that refers to, 'a small round flat chocolate-covered peppermint sweet.'

In the UK, patty is most commonly used to refer to a Jamaican-style pie that looks a little like a cornish pastie or a calzone. The word is not particularly prominent in day-to-day language and is still thought of as a name, Patty, as in short for Patricia. 


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