'I cannot wait': Lorraine Kelly reveals exciting new venture in honour of her 60th

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly has conquered the world of TV during her 35-year-long career, and now it seems she's ready to tackle a very different kind of challenge - across the pond.

The 59-year-old revealed to BBC Woman's Hour that ahead of her 60th birthday in November, she'll be heading to America to train to go into space!

She confessed that her TV crew got her the astronaut training as a birthday gift, and that she can't wait to get as close as you can to actually being in space.

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Lorraine revealed, "I've got the best team in the world, and for my birthday, because I'm turning 60 this year, they've got me astronaut training in Florida.

"So I have to go with the astronauts with all this amazing training, we'll actually get so far up into space that we'll be weightless!

"I'm getting excited about it as I talk, and I cannot wait. It's the closest thing you can actually get to being a proper, true astronaut." So while we're not sure if she's actually going to go to space, it sounds like a pretty incredible challenge!

It's clear that Lorraine has somewhat of a passion for space, also revealing in the interview that the best guest she ever interviewed was Buzz Aldrin, one of the first men to land on the moon.

She said it was "unbelievable to actually get to talk to someone like that, because I'm a huge fan of astronomy and everything to do with science".

Last night, Lorraine joined a whole host of other TV stars at the National Television Awards. Although her breakfast show didn't pick up any awards, she certainly looked stylish, in a stunning black gown and shoes by & Other Stories.

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Later in the night she presented the award for best serial drama performance to EastEnders actor Danny Dyer.