Judy Murray Reveals The Personal And Financial Sacrifices Behind Andy's Success

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Judy Murray - she's the lady credited with being the driving force behind the the astronomical success of her sons Andy and Jamie Murray in the tennis world.

Judy took charge of her young sons careers from an early age, as their tennis coach and career mentor. She's seen them all the way from their early days as junior players in Spain, to their most recent successes at Wimbledon, the Australian Open, and the Olympics.

And it's certainly paid off - Andy is now ranked number one in the world, while James is currently one of the most successful doubles players.

But she has admitted that it didn't all come easily - and that in the beginning, simply "getting food on the table" was a priority, when her family were younger.

In an interview with House Beautiful, Judy admitted that the family went through tough times in the beginning. She said, "We had no money and very little time, so my focus was on getting food in front of them quickly to get them out to football or whatever."

Judy continued, saying that her number one priority was making sure the boys were okay, ahead of her own needs - "If the house was messy, it didn't bother me because it's not important. What was important was that the boys were fed and clothed, had enough sleep, were happy and doing what they wanted to do."

(Judy cheering Andy on in a 2015 match)

Judy, who divorced from Andy and Jamie's father in 1995, also revealed that in the more difficult days, she had to use some of Andy's early winnings in order to make ends meet. The tennis coach also admitted that she had to take out a £30,000 loan, just to keep her head above water.

But of course, fortunes have evidently changed for the Murray family, with Andy now predicted to be worth between £48-66 million. And given the fact that he won a whopping 78 matches in 2016 alone, we're not surprised!

Ms. Murray, who took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2015, is also a lot more comfortable now than in the early days, having recently sold her £825,000 Scotland home "because it's too big." Judy has now moved into her son Jamie's old Wimbledon flat, which she's recently renovated in order to make it more "feminine."

But she's also revealed that despite the family's fortunes having changed, she's still just as messy at home as she always was. She said, "I like to have no routine. I can be messy and, because I live on my own, it doesn't matter. But I don't like things to be dirty - everything has to be clean."

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