Jennifer Lopez’s baffling dressing room demands at British TV show revealed

Jennifer Lopez asked for her whole dressing room at Top of the Pops to be redecorated 'white', according to Dannii Minogue

Jennifer Lopez’s baffling dressing room demands at British TV show revealed
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Jennifer Lopez had some very specific dressing room requests during a trip to the UK in the late 90s, Dannii Minogue has claimed.  

Speaking on her podcast, The 90s with Danni Minogue, the former X Factor judge shared a story of J-Lo, 52, making some extravagant demands ahead of an appearance on Top of the Pops over twenty years ago. 

The Aussie singer's anecdote, which has not been confirmed as fact, comes shortly after the release of the new Jennifer Lopez documentary, Halftime. 

According to Dannii, the American entertainer apparently insisted that her entire dressing room was redecorated so that "everything was white", even going so far as to refuse to go on stage if her wishes were not fulfilled. The ultimatum was made while Jenny was traveling around the world to promote her 1999 debut album, On the 6, with a hefty itinerary of TV interviews and performances. 

"‘I was at Top of the Pops and was told Jennifer Lopez was on her way, but she refused to perform unless her backstage room was redecorated," Dannii said. 


J-Lo had some extravagent dressing room demands at Top of the Pops, claims Dannii Minogue 

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"I was told everything had to be white, including the sofa. I asked to go in and see the room as she wasn’t there, in that moment… I was lapping up every detail." 

Dannii admitted she was completely baffled by the request, especially considering the likelihood of the ivory furniture being stained by dark cosmetics. Jennifer Lopez is known for rocking party makeup and voluminous colored hair on both the red carpet and on stage ‒ two looks that don't exactly mix with light-colored surfaces. 

"All I could think was, 'Girlfriend is covered head to toe in body makeup. How do you sit on a white couch?'" Dannii recalled with a laugh. 

This isn't the first time Jennifer Lopez, who celebrated 30 years in the entertainment industry last April, has hit headlines for her so-called 'diva' attitude. The singer has reportedly banned catering inside her dressing room on past tours (probably to minimize spillages on those white furnishings!) while also insisting that certain drinks, such as Gatorade and decaffeinated Coke, are available at all times. An unlimited supply of apple pie with ice cream and plain M&Ms ‒ two crucial snacks for keeping her energies up throughout her intensive performances ‒ is apparently another must-have for J-Lo on the road. 

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