Jennifer Coolidge opens up on harrowing spray tan experience that sent her to the emergency room

In a relatable interview, Jennifer Coolidge opens up about a beauty treatment that went very wrong during filming for HBO's White Lotus

Jennifer Coolidge
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White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge recently scooped her first Emmy for Best Supporting Actress for her role in HBO Max's The White Lotus - but it wasn't all fun and games on set.

In fact, the actress experienced a harrowing moment when she realized she was having a reaction to a spray tan while filming the acclaimed The White Lotus series. Jennifer got the spray tan as she "didn't want to look like a big, white marshmallow on the beach" she revealed, but on the flight over to begin filming, she started to feel "really weird".

"For The White Lotus, I didn't want to look like a big, white marshmallow on the beach in Hawaii, so I got a spray tan," Jennifer Coolidge, who has previously opened up about feeling insecure on set, told Allure. "I got on the plane and I started to feel really weird. By the time I got off the flight, I had to go to the emergency room."

While spray tans are generally safe, as with all beauty treatments there's always the risk of a reaction to the ingredients, as Jennifer found. 

"I was never someone who cared very much about ingredients," she said in the interview. "Then, I'd say the last five or six years, I started getting allergic. My eyes would always be tearing up, but it never occurred to me that it was my makeup."

Jennifer also revealed how the incident changed her on-screen makeup routine. "I think we ended up using regular makeup," she explained. "The minute we stopped filming, I would shower. I have such a quick reaction to stuff."

We're glad to hear that the experience didn't put Jennifer off returning for a second series, as she's confirmed she is joining the new cast of The White Lotus 2 and we already can't wait.

The White Lotus season 2 will focus on new characters and an entirely different plot from the first season, although it will still be set at a White Lotus property, this time it'll be in Sicily. 

While Jennifer has confirmed her return, she hasn't mentioned in what capacity she'll be appearing in the second season just yet. 

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