Is The Night Agent based on a book, and will there be a season 2?

Everything you need to know about the story behind The Night Agent, and whether there will be a second season of this hit show

Is Netflix's The Night Agent based on a book?
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The Night Agent is Netflix's latest thriller series that is delighting fans with fictional drama from the White House.

Since the release of The Night Agent on March 23, fans were desperate to find out who the mole is and what exactly will happen to Rose and Peter as they try to unravel the truth. 

The explosive series has been a sensational hit and fans want to know if the bosses at Netflix are planning to renew the series for a second season. Fans are also wondering if this fabulous show is based on a book and if that book itself is part of a series. Here's what we know...

The Night Agent

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Is The Night Agent based on a book?

Yes! The Night Agent is based on Matthew Quirk's 2019 novel of the same name. This book was written just a few years ago and at present, it is a stand-alone novel without a sequel. However, the author has written some sequels before, typically one after the other, but this could be an indicator that he may write a sequel to The Night Agent, following its huge success on Netflix.

However, if a second novel is not created, there are other book series written by the author which are perfect for those looking to sink their teeth into a similar thriller drama franchise.

The Mike Ford series by Matthew Quirk has two novels including The 500 (2012) and The Directive (2014). This series focuses on Mike Ford, a former con artist who becomes an associate at a high-level but corrupted strategic consulting firm that influences and manipulates those in power in Washington.

The John Hayes series also consists of two books, Cold Barrel Zero (2016) and Dead Man's Switch (2017). This series is about a Special Operations legend who goes rogue on a deep-cover mission and betrays his own soldiers. The series focuses on John's attempt to clear his name and return home and Thomas Byrne, his former friend, who is trying to bring him to justice.

If you want to buy The Night Agent, or any other of Matthew Quirk's novels, they are available to purchase in several formats on Amazon and other bookstores.

The Night Agent, Kindle edition $9.99 | Amazon

The Night Agent, Kindle edition <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">$9.99 | Amazon

The novel by Matthew Quirk that inspired the Netflix TV series of the same name.

The Night Agent

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Will there be a season 2 of The Night Agent?

Netflix has yet to announce if there will be a second season of the show, but as there isn't a second novel by Matthew Quirk to base the show on, there isn't any material for the producers to use to make a follow-up season. However, the finale of the show did leave space for the story to be developed.

In the closing scenes of the show, Peter kissed Rose goodbye and boarded a US Airforce plane to start his first top-secret mission as an official Night Agent. The second season could pick up on Peter's new role as an official agent and how his relationship with Rose develops.

So, if Netflix decides to go off-course, they could make another season of this highly popular show, or they may just leave it as a successful one-season limited series hit.

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