Halle Berry skating in her underwear sends social media into a tailspin—‘the new 50+’

Oscar winner Halle is keeping fit in her fifties, and fans are loving it

Halle Berry skating on her social media has sent fans wild
(Image credit: Frazer Harrison/WireImage)

Halle Berry has many accomplishments to be proud of—she recently directed her first feature film, Netflix’s Bruised, she has appeared in hit franchises including James Bond and Catwoman and she was the first black woman to win a Best Actress Academy Award.

All of that is to say, she has got a lot more going for her than just what she looks like.

But fans across the world can’t help but heap praise on the Hollywood icon’s beauty as she shows off her incredibly fit body and youthful glow on a set of social media snaps.

Halle—who has revealed her 50s have been the happiest decade yet—has never been one to hide her feelings about ageing, and the obstacles thrown at women over a certain age.

The star has fought against the outdated notion that women over a certain age lose their appeal, or that “when you were 40, your career was done” and her latest social media snaps certainly prove that.

In the set of photos posted to her Instagram and Twitter, Halle is shown skateboarding through the sun soaked streets wearing only a crop top, a pair of floral bikini briefs and a pair of love heart sunglasses.

The photos are in part promoting Halle’s digital health and wellness community, Respin.

In the caption, Halle wrote, “It’s important to encourage yourself and others throughout your fitness journey.

@peterleethomas and I encourage you to #respinyourfit with @respin this #FitnessFriday. Let’s get moving!”

Celebrating Halle’s joy and confidence, fans rushed to praise the star, all agreeing that she was both an inspiration in her attitude and in her admirable physique.

One wrote “Wow. The new 50+. Rock it girl.”

Others added “Queen...looking like true sunshine and so unforgettable happiness”, “Fine wine!”, “Still the most beautiful lady in Hollywood" and "55 where? Looking good, Queen."

If Halle has accomplished her mission and inspired you to get up and get out, well, we can’t guarantee an empty street to go skating down (or the ability to skate, for that matter) but we can share what her “all time favorite skincare tool” is to emulate her radiant complexion.

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