Gogglebox stars not returning for 2021 following sad cast deaths

Five Gogglebox cast members will not be returning to the Channel 4 TV show due to deaths of their loved ones

Gogglebox star Mary Cook has died aged 92
(Image credit: Channel 4)

A number of Gogglebox stars have left the beloved TV series after the deaths of their fellow cast members and loved ones.

Gogglebox 2021 is back this Friday, September 17, on Channel 4. Sadly, according to Metro, up to five members of the Gogglebox cast will not be returning to our screens.

This is because many of the cast have died in the past year and their family and friends who co-star alongside them in the show have decided to not continue the show in their absence.

Which Gogglebox stars have died?

In the past year, three different members of the Gogglebox family have died. They will each be sorely missed from the show, which showcases some of the UK's most beloved TV viewers.

Mary Cook

Earlier in the year, Gogglebox star Mary Cook died at the age of 92. In August, Channel 4 released a statement that read, "We are extremely saddened to share that Gogglebox star Mary Cook passed away in hospital this weekend at the age of 92 with her family by her side."

Mary was a hilarious member of the cast who often appeared in the show with her best friend Marina Wingrove. After losing her best friend, it has been reported that Marina has decided not to return to the show. 

Marina made a sweet tribute to her friend and co-star following her death, "My dearest friend Mary, treasured memories will last forever. Our laughs and giggles and our ups and downs will forever be in my heart. Deepest sympathies to Mary’s family. Love Marina.”

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Andrew Michaels

Andrew Michaels, his wife Carolyne, and their children Alex and Louis were beloved original cast members of the show.

Sadly, Andy died in August this year, and his family has decided not to return to the television show at this time. 

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The Michaels family

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Pete McGarry

Pete McGarry also died earlier this year in June at the age of 71.  Pete, his wife Linda and their son, George Gilbey, originally joined the show in 2013 during the show's second series. 

Reports state that Linda will not be returning for the next season of Gogglebox. 

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Which Gogglebox stars won't be in the 2021 cast?


Linda and Pete McGarry

(Image credit: Channel 4)

Marina Wingrove, Linda McGarry, Carolyne Michaels, Alex Michaels, and Louis Michaels are the five stars of Gogglebox who will not be returning to the show because of the deaths of their loved ones.

A Channel 4 Gogglebox producer spoke to Metro about the cast members quitting the show and expressed that the stars are asking for privacy during this time.

"We have had people from the show pass away recently,’ said Victoria Ray, Gogglebox’s executive producer. "We lost Mary and Andy. And a little while ago we lost Pete.

"Their loved ones won’t be taking part in the show for the moment. Understandably, they want their privacy."

The series returns on Friday, September 17 2021 and is due to air in its usual 9 pm slot. From Friday, fans can look forward to the new season's fresh new content about all of our favorite new shows from BBC's Vigil to The Great British Bake Off 2021.

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