Giovanni Pernice and Rose Ayling Ellis's reaction to shock Strictly BAFTA win is too adorable

Giovanni and Rose shocked by Strictly BAFTA as the pair celebrate on stage with an emotional speech about their 'Must-See Moment'

Strictly BAFTA
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Giovanni Pernice and Rose Ayling Ellis's surprise at their Strictly BAFTA win has won the hearts of fans who loved watching the dancing duo's adorable reaction to their momentous win.

At the BAFTAS 2022 on Sunday, May 8, the Strictly Come Dancing 2021 winners Rose and Giovanni were ecstatic as they received the 'Must-See Moment awards' at the BAFTAS. This award was given to one of the most talked-about television moments of the year when the dancing duo paused the song Clean Bandit's Symphony, and danced in silence for 10 seconds as a touching tribute to the deaf community.

While receiving this award the couple took to the stage and thanked their fans and the Strictly crew who allowed them to demonstrate their creativity on the show and give a platform to the deaf community. 

"It's a very special moment for us because hopefully, it showed how powerful TV can be, where it has actually introduced changes," said Rose. "It has even helped the BSL (British Sign Language) law be passed recently. It made people stand up more for sign language, and just better deaf awareness and positiveness towards people. We have still got a long way to go but it is such a great start." 

The actress then became flustered but was applauded by the crowd who clapped and waved their hands with support. Giovanni then held Rose's hand as she composed herself and added, "this has changed people's lives and as a dancer, as a teacher that's exactly what makes us proud."

The pair appeared just as close on stage as they had been last year while dance partners on the show. Later, taking to social media to discuss the Strictly BAFTA, both Giovanni and Rose seemed awe-struck and thanked one another and their team for helping them win this award.

"What just happened!! Did I wake up from an amazing dream?! 😆😆THANK YOU SO MUCH for everyone who supported us, you all made it possible for us. I am beaming with joy and pride! 🥰" said Rose enthusiastically on Instagram. 

Giovanni also said on Instagram, "We are BAFTA winners !! Can’t believe it Rose Ayling Ellis the power of the DANCE strikes again!! This time this dance has changed people life and that’s what me and Rose wanted to achieve ♥️ thank you to the BBC and the @bbcstrictly team for supporting us all the way."

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