Frasier reboot has fans wondering about new casting choices

The Frasier reboot is in the works at Paramount+, with two new characters already joining the cast

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Nearly two full decades since wrapping up its original run on NBC, beloved TV sitcom Frasier is poised for a comeback.

The Frasier reboot joins a long list of ‘90s TV favorites - including Sex and the City, That 70s Show, Will & Grace and Roseanne, among others - to get the revival treatment.

Although specific plot details about the new series are still being kept under wraps, casting news regarding the Frasier reboot, which is set to debut on Paramount+ some time in the near future, have recently made headlines.

According to Variety , the official logline states, "Frasier is off to a different city with new challenges to face, new relationships to forge, and an old dream or two to finally fulfill. Frasier has re-entered the building!”


Frasier premiered as a spinoff to the popular sitcom Cheers back in September of 1993 and ran for 11 successful seasons, through May of 2004. 


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The show starred Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane, a psychiatrist who moves back to his hometown in Seattle to kick off his career as a radio show host. Back home, Frasier gets to reconnect with his retired police officer father Martin (John Mahoney) and his younger brother Niles (David Hyde Pierce), also a psychiatrist.  

Among the cast of personalities that the protagonist also gets involved with throughout the various seasons is Martin's at-home caregiver Daphne Moon (Jane Leeves), Frasier's radio producer Roz Doyle (Peri Gilpin) and Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe (Dan Butler), a sports talk show host that works at the same station as Frasier does.


Kelsey will reprise his iconic role but fans should expect a number of new characters to populate the reboot. Interestingly enough, Kelsey has gone on the record to say that he would not partake in a revival unless David, Jane and Peri were also going to be involved but, according to reports, that's not likely to happen. As for John, he passed away back in 2019.


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According to Deadline, "original Frasier cast members [are] not expected to be series regulars but could make appearances." 

Two official casting choices have already been announced, including Jack Cutmore-Scott as Freddy Crane, Frasier's son, who was briefly played by Luke Tarsitano in the original run of the series, followed by actor Trevor Einhorn. 

According to Variety, Freddy will be "a nuanced combination of his father and grandfather. Years ago, Freddy rejected following in his father’s footsteps - dropping out of college to become a fireman - and he’s never looked back until now, when recent troubles have left him with no one to turn to in his life. If they can overcome past differences, Freddy and Frasier might finally have a chance to repair old wounds.”

Nicholas Lyndhurst has also already been cast as Alan Cornwall, an old college friend of Frasier's who is now a professor. 

"British, boozy and larger than life, Alan has an intellect on par with Frasier’s - if only he ever felt like using it," reads an official character description as reported by Variety. "Alan’s mischievous streak might be just what Frasier could use to shake up his routine, while Frasier’s thoughtful guidance might help Alan find some of the direction he’s been missing in his own life."

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