Fans think that Holly Willoughby and Lorraine Kelly are involved in Ant and Dec prank

Viewers of This Morning and Lorraine noticed some unusual behaviour today - could Ant and Dec be behind it?

Holly Willoughby
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Lorraine Kelly and Holly Willoughby were acting quite bizarrely today and many fans think that Ant and Dec could be responsible.

On Monday 22nd March 2021, fans noticed some strange behavior from Holly Willoughby and Lorraine Kelly as they both presented their respective shows, This Morning and Lorraine. Fans believe that the presenters could have had the pranksters, Ant and Dec, whispering in their ears during their broadcasts this morning. 

On Lorraine’s morning programme, fans smelt a rat as Lorraine behaved far from her usual composed self. During an interview with KSI, Lorraine suffered from leg cramps and bizarrely told the rapper "don’t mug me off," in a very un-Lorraine way. Lorraine also then told KSI that it was manic in the studio today as there was a mouse loose. 

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Like Lorraine, Holly Willoughby had a similarly unusual morning. During a segment with James Martin, Holly announced that she ‘wanted a wee’ and continually beatboxed while James made choux pastry. 

Holly tasted the pastry and exclaimed "they taste better than they look." She also continued to accidentally mix up the word ‘whisk,’ with the word ‘bush.’ Phillip Schofield also acted strangely as he continually interrupted James and asked, "Have I still got bay leaf in my teeth?" 

Fans have been very suspicious about the behaviour of the ITV presenters this morning and many think that they must be taking part in a prank for Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Take Away. 

Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway is on again on Saturday 27th March 2021. The show often features a segment called "Get Me Out of Ear," where Ant and Dec dictate a celebrity's behavior via an earpiece. Many fans think that the ITV presenters could be taking part in a new skit for Ant and Dec's next episode.

One fan questioned, “What’s going on with ITV daytime, Lorraine was weird during the KSI segment and now Holly and Phil are being weird during this James Martin segment #ThisMorning.” Another said, “Have @antanddec taken over today? Some very strange behaviour on the tellybox!! #Lorraine #Thismorning #LooseWomen.” Another fan claimed, “Either Ant and Dec are involved or Holly and Phil are steaming! #ThisMorning”

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