Ellen Pompeo calls out the HFPA for lack of diversity and criticizes 'White Hollywood'

Ellen Pompeo wrote an open letter to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that criticized ‘White Hollywood'

Ellen Pompeo
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Ellen Pompeo, the star of Grey’s Anatomy, spoke out about ‘White Hollywood’ and criticized the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for lacking diversity in its board members. 

Ellen Pompeo penned an open letter to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and posted the letter on her Instagram account. The letter openly called out the HFPA for lacking diversity in its members. The star left the post uncaptioned as she called for her white colleagues to make their voices heard and speak up about diversity in Hollywood. 

In the letter, Ellen writes, “I think we can all agree that the governing body of the Golden Globes awards, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, has a membership equity issue that is unacceptable.” 

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The Grey's Anatomy star is referring to the fact that the HFPA is comprised of 87 journalists, none of whom are Black. The HFPA is the group that put forward nominations for the Golden Globe awards, and the lack of diversity in the Association could explain a lack of diversity in the nominations for the Golden Globe awards. 

Many were shocked by the lack of diversity in the Golden Globe nominations, and even the writer of Emily in Paris admitted she was stunned by the I May Destroy you snub at Golden Globes.

In the letter, Ellen called upon her white colleagues to stand with her against this issue, “I would kindly ask, all my white colleagues in this industry, an industry that we love and has granted us enormous privilege…. to pull up, show up and get this issue resolved.” Many of Ellen’s fellow “colleagues” in Hollywood also responded with their support for this message. 

Actress Natalie Portman commented with heart emojis on this post. Lynn Whitfield, a fellow actress, also commented, “ Let’s get it done, Hollywood! Thank you for this message, Ellen Pompeo.” Fans also responded to the post with their support for Ellen. One fan said, “Thank you for always using your voice to help this world,” another commented, “Yes, Ellen Pompeo, Preach It!!!”

This is not the first time that Ellen Pompeo has used her platform to advocate for diversity in Hollywood. In an interview with Net-a-Porter in 2018, Ellen spoke about diversity in Hollywood and that she didn’t feel that her work environment was a true representation of the world that we live in. 

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