Eamonn Holmes In Hot Water After Lying To Ruth Langsford

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Over the Bank Holiday, an unusual episode of Loose Women aired. And this time around, the female presenters of the midday show were finally able to discuss the trials and tribulations of relationships with their other halves, who appeared on the programme all together for the very first time, for Loose Women & Loved Ones.

Veteran presenter of the show Ruth Langsford chaired the special, one-off episode, and was of course joined by husband of 10 years Eamonn Holmes. Katie Price also appeared, joined by husband Keiran Hayler, alongside Ola and James Jordan, and Stacey Solomon and boyfriend Joe Swash.

The respective couples discussed everything from infidelity to lies and appearances - and the men had do a lie detector test to confirm whether they were being truthful in their comments. As you can imagaine, the the male vs. female format left a lot of red faces...!

But none more so than Eamonn and Ruth, the longest running couple of the lot. Eamonn awkwardly found himself in hot water come the results of the lie detector test.

When asked about whether or not he always tells his wife the truth about where he's going, the test found that, although Eamonn maintained he always tells Ruth the truth, he was lying.

The pair were left shocked at the revelation, but Eamonn stood by his admission saying that the only time he may have lied is when Ruth has asked if he's actually taken the dog out for a walk or not.

He said, "You say: ‘Have you taken the dog for a walk' and I say ‘yes' - that's the only time I lied."

However, Ruth seemed less than happy at the explanation, admitting, "I'm going to dwell on that tonight...you know what I'm like!"

But it appeared the presenting couple weren't the only ones to find themselves in a bit of a sticky situation during the course of the bank holiday show.

Katie Price has famously faced marriage troubles with husband Keiran Hayler, who was found cheating with her best friend over two years ago.

The couple have since patched things up, but during the episode, Katie admitted that there's only one reason the two are still together.

She said, "We did go through a rocky patch with the affairs. I stayed because I loved him, but also because I was pregnant. If I wasn't pregnant with Bunny I wouldn't have stayed with him."

Speaking to Keiran, she said, "You're lucky - that's the reason I stayed." Uh oh...

The tense episode of the weekday show proved popular with some viewers, but divided opinion with others, who branded it "sexist" and "awkward."

Some admitted that the honest discussion left them feeling slightly uncomfortable...


While other viewers thought the new format was stereotyping the men and women...


But overall, the twist on the classic Loose Women format left most viewers intrigued, with most saying the format was more entertaining.



Some fans will be left disappointed then, as the show has now returned to it's normal line-up. Perhaps the men's segment will become a regular feature? We'll have to wait and see...

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