Dawn French has become an accidental fashion influencer, and it’s all thanks to... tea towels

Dawn French’s chic tea towel dress has delighted fans on social media

Dawn French has set social media ablaze with her new outfit - made entirely from tea towels
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Dawn French has once again proved that there’s very little she can’t do – as she becomes a fashion influencer and trendsetter while sporting a bunch of tea towels.

Yep, you read that correctly.

The Vicar of Dibley actress shared a new snap with her over 700,000 followers on Instagram, showing off a new outfit that many are already clambering to recreate – and it’s actually very cost effective to do so.

That’s because this outfit – which over 70,000 people have already liked - takes recycling and upcycling to new extremes.

As Dawn explained in the caption, the colourful, unique looking outfit was a “dress made from vintage tea towels.”

While it might sound like something from one of Dawn’s comical skits, the dress looks far from farcical – in fact, you’d be forgiven for mistaking it from a high fashion designer.

Indeed, the flowing vibes given off by the outfit is very on trend with a boho capsule wardrobe top of the list for many fashion followers this summer.  

Boasting bold colour hues, boho style loose sleeves, a kaftan-style cut with a midi hemline, and an abstract illustration print, Dawn looked perfectly chic and summer ready in the tea towel outfit.

She paired the colourful outfit with some trademark Dawn French touches, including chunky black boots, dark, glittery eyeshadow, and her signature, sleek grey bob.

Proving how effortlessly she can become a trend-setter, Dawn’s followers were quick to want in on the action.

One fan wrote, “How bloomin’ fabulous is that! (Goes to find old tea towels and sewing machine…).”

A second fan added, “This. Is. Genius. Thank you for the idea!”

Celebrity pal Fearne Cotton added that she was “obsessed” and another fashion fan added that the outfit was “Very Dolce” (most likely referring to Dolce and Gabbana, the Italian fashion house who are known for similar prints and styles – just, not usually in the form of tea towels. 

Dawn tagged the designer of the dress in the post, someone called Lady Boo (@LadyBooSalutesYou).

Lady Boo’s own Instagram profile explains how she sells “handpicked vintage and handmade jewellery.”

If you ever love any of Dawn’s unique pieces, Lady Boo actually hosts open houses in Crystal Palace, London, which she explains is a time to “shop vintage and eat cake.”

Dawn French's latest post has inspired hundreds to consider unlikely materials for their new outfit

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Dawn becoming a fashion influencer on social media might seem unexpected, but she’s proven in the past to never know what she’s going to post next.

Earlier this year, she had fans in stitches with a hilarious new boyfriend announcement.

Joking that she had taken up with actor Idris Elba, Dawn kept fans laughing as she joked about his X-rated antics off camera.

“Idris, stop it. Seriously, I'm trying to do something witty and alluring for Instagram,” she says in the video. "He's doing that thing that boys do. That windmill dance with their down belows. Stop it!”

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