Christie Brinkley slams the 'wrinkle brigade' in powerful statement on aging

The model slammed critics who had comments about her aging skin...

Christie Brinkley slams the 'wrinkle brigade'
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We're obsessed with what Christie Brinkley had to say to those who were criticizing her aging skin in a new Instagram post.

As we move progressively away from harmful anti-aging language, celebrities specifically have been speaking out about why it's okay - and what's more, why it's beautiful and a privilege - to show signs of aging. 

Among these women are Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Fonda, and Andie MacDowell, who has repeatedly slammed those who are critical about her greying hair

Christie Brinkley, who has also embraced her grey roots in the past, recently joined this train, and posted a selfie to her Instagram and captioned it with a detailed post targeted at those who have criticized her gradually wrinkling skin.

Under the post, which included a sultry selfie and some pictures of the World Trade Center in New York, the model said, "The Wrinkle Brigade is out in full force in the comment thread! They are the people that scan celebrities pages, hoping to find some cellulite, wrinkles, or anything that they can point to to critique."

She then goes on to take down those who have criticized her, claiming that she believes people who leave her negative comments about her signs of aging are "compensating" for something they're upset about in their own lives. 

"It must be some form of compensation for some thing they are lacking. But when those people appear, there are others who pop up with messages so kind and valuable. Those are the comments that restore my faith and make my heart sing!" she said.

Christie Brinkley slams the 'wrinkle brigade'

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The 69-year-old then thanked those who have supported her and gave her compliments despite some of the negative feedback she received - and also made a rather cheeky commented clarifying that she doesn't have "hair on her chest."

"Thank you sweet souls. PS I don’t have hair on my chest obviously( I thought!) I phone has a tendency to create weird things in thd shadow. But so what if I did?" she concluded.

To combat the nay sayers, her fans in the comments left some words of encouragement and love to Christie, helping boost her spirits among the negativity. 

"One of the reasons Christie has been & always will be one of the world’s most iconic beauties is bc she leads with kindness. It’s her biggest beauty *secret*," one person commented. 

Another commented, praising the model for living a full, happy life. "I think Christie’s skin at 69 reveals a well lived, sporty, sunshine, salty sea filled life. I’m 49 and my décolletage wrinkles up when I bring my arms and hands together (like for a selfie). This woman has to age at some point people!" that fan said.

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