Chrissy Teigen's tooth loss forced her to start this new diet

Chrissy Teigen has revealed her unusual diet following the loss of four caps of her back teeth

Chrissy Teigen
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Chrissy Teigen has revealed that she is currently on a liquid diet after losing four teeth in a Fruit Roll-Up just before the presidential inauguration. 

Chrissy Teigen revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that she lost four of her veneers in Valentine’s day fruit roll-up. Unfortunately for her, this happened while she was in the presidential inauguration “bubble.” 

She admitted that she had temporary caps put on some of her back teeth, and one of them fell out just before the inauguration. The other three caps fell out soon after, and Chrissy revealed she wouldn’t be able to eat properly until the 18th when she sees her dentist. 

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Chrissy and husband, John Legend, were both invited to the Biden- Harris presidential inauguration in January as John was one of the performers. Chrissy told Ellen that the inauguration had a strict security detail and revealed that she and her family live in a "bubble" while staying in Washington. Chrissy said to Ellen, "In the bubble, there was only one thing you could do, and that was go to CVS." 

"They had all this Valentine's Day stuff, so I bought mini Fruit Roll-Ups, and I had one bite of one, and then this one came off," said Chrissy as she pointed at one of her back teeth. 

Chrissy revealed that since then, another three of her temporary caps have fallen out. She joked that she only just realized how much she valued her teeth now that some of the caps are missing, "You honestly have no idea how important your teeth are until they're gone," she said. 

Teigen is now on a temporary diet of “soup and mashed potatoes” as she said, “when all the corners are gone,” she gestured to the back of her mouth, “you cannot eat, so I cannot eat until the 18th.”

This isn’t the only medical issue that Chrissy has faced in the past few days. Chrissy candidly spoke to fans on Twitter about her upcoming endometriosis operation and how similar her period pains felt to baby kicks. She wrote on Twitter, “My little jack would have been born this week so I'm a bit off. I truly feel kicks in my belly, but it's not phantom. I have surgery for endometriosis tomorrow...but the period feeling this month is exactly like baby kicks. Sigh.”

Chrissy Teigen also revealed that her miscarriage was a 'transformative experience' as she opened up about her heartache with Ellen DeGeneres in the same interview.

Despite this, Chrissy has still remained positive and upbeat. She also discussed in the interview that she is launching a new store 'Cravings.' This store sells everything from robes to cooking accessories. The store states, "Whether you're looking for a robe for lounging, a skillet for frying eggs, or spices for making every meal better, we've got you."

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