Chinese zodiac 2023 - what each animal sign can expect in Year of the Water Rabbit

Chinese zodiac 2023 - as Chinese New Year approaches, here's what the Year of the Water Rabbit holds depending on your Chinese zodiac sign

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In As Chinese New Year approaches, your Chinese zodiac 2023 predictions may offer some insight into the year ahead. Get ready to downshift into calmer energy, as the Year of the Water Rabbit brings a new vibe.

You may be familiar with western astrology, reading woman&home's weekly horoscope, your love horoscope 2023, and even your work and money horoscope 2023 - but what do you know about Chinese astrology? 

In Chinese astrology, each year is represented by one of the 12 animal signs and one of the five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal, water. Chinese New Year 2023, which falls on the first New Moon in the Moon Calendar 2023, will be the year of the Water Rabbit. In 2022, the unpredictable high-energy Water Tiger chased us for twelve long months. 

Now we need a break. Welcome, Water Rabbit. This energy is focused on home, family, security, food, offspring, and building community. Far calmer energy - but we may see this shaken in April during an eclipse that brings a tidal wave of energy - but what does that mean for your sign's predictions for the Chinese zodiac 2023?

What does the year of the Water Rabbit mean?

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Water Rabbit years are focused on home and family. We will all want to "nest" this year. We want to be around people we know well, such as relatives, close friends, and spiritual family. People will be very interested in securing a great place to live. There will be a focus on security, housing, and food sources. There will be a lot of interest in pregnancy and offspring, including who is having babies and how many babies they are having.

On a global level, world leaders will be concerned with domestic issues. There will be the talk of repairing infrastructure and sourcing goods locally. Disenfranchised people may band together to try to make changes in their neighborhoods and cities. The population counts of nations will be discussed.

The financial markets will be quieter with the exception of March/April, which may be a very volatile time. Despite this, financial markets are likely to be up for the year as the stock market often rises in a Rabbit year, even if it's just by a little bit.

Water Rabbit energy is creative, intuitive, and magical. There will be a lot of emphasis on unique art and music. There will be lots of discussion about accepting people's eccentricities and embracing eclectic styles. The Rabbit energy has its own speed. There will be an emphasis on appreciating the simple (yet elegant things) in life. People will value their leisure time more than ever.

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Rabbits don't like confrontation. There's more emphasis on negotiation, diplomacy, and compromise this year. On the world stage, there will be new agreements between countries. There's more focus on staying safe at home, and this could lead to more spending on national defense. There's a good chance a war will end in 2023 (or at least be put on hold until 2024).

But even though Rabbits want peace, they will not be pushed or intimidated. When they are cornered or feel that things are unfair, they will band together to protest.

When it comes to romance, a friendship can turn into a love relationship. There may be more reliance on matchmakers to find a compatible partner. When a love relationship forms, you are not just getting involved with an individual, but their entire family.

Overall, the energy for 2023 is one of recovering from all the excitement/stress of previous years. The Rabbit goes into his burrow and pulls his loved ones in close for warmth and security, and waits until it's safe to emerge again.

What have previous Rabbit years brought?

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In 2011 it was the Metal Rabbit. Metal is about organizing and distributing resources. It was the time of the Occupy Wall Street protests in the United States. It was also the time of the terrible earthquake in Fukushima, Japan which focused people's thoughts on safety and preserving cities and neighborhoods.

In 1999 it was the Earth Rabbit. Earth is about stabilizing energy. The Euro became the common currency of the European Union. President Bill Clinton was acquitted. Also, Napster, the first peer-to-peer file-sharing service, was released.

In 1987 it was the Fire Rabbit. Fire is about taking action. Ronald Reagan delivered his famous speech at the Berlin wall. And despite the stock market crash in October of that year, the Dow Jones was up a smidge by the end of the Rabbit year.

In 1975 it was the Wood Rabbit. Wood energy is about growth. Microsoft was founded, bringing PCs into our homes. Also, the Vietnam War ended.

Chinese zodiac 2023 - Your sign's forecast

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Rat, this year, you have energy to burn, which means you could leap over any obstacle in your path. It's likely you're going to have a noteworthy achievement this year. There could be a change in your career, a job promotion, or a new business. You're generally luckier this year. You're in the right place at the right time. Where you need to put in the extra effort will be around organizations you belong to, friendships, and keeping up with technology. When it comes to love, you may find a romantic connection among your friends. Or if you're already in a love relationship, you could realize that your partner has become your best friend. A pivotal individual could enter your life around the time of the April eclipse.


Ox, there is a better year ahead. You feel more in harmony with the prevailing energies. This year you can relax and settle into a comfortable pace. Financially, you could do very well in 2023, including gaining funds from several sources. You have extra luck this year, and you may find things coming together in an almost magical way just when you need them to. Focus on putting effort into your career skills, and you could gain a job opportunity that gives you a real boost. Love can find you this year. If you're already in a love relationship, the two of you may make a big announcement. Around the time of the April eclipse, you could recover something you thought was lost forever.


Tiger, this can be a good year. You won't be bored. You could have more invitations than you have time to attend. You can make some real headway on your goals this year. You could become a team leader or lead an organization. It's a good idea to put effort into your "brand," update your resume and boost your reputation on social media. All of this could lead to a better position at work or starting a different career entirely. You could meet a romantic partner when you're traveling, or your new love is from a faraway land. If you're already in a love relationship, you could tie the knot or renew your vows. You could achieve an important goal around the time of the April eclipse.


Rabbit, this is your year, a time of new beginnings. And while you like to take things at your own speed, others may encourage you by pushing you forward. This year, you're often the one chosen for opportunities. It's like your internal light is shining a bit brighter now. It could be many changes as you're trying new things. Putting in the effort to investigate investments and passive income sources can bring profits. If you're dating, your relationship could get serious, and you might live together or get engaged. If you're already in a love relationship, your connection with each other could get stronger. Some changes at the company you work for could bring an opportunity around the time of the April eclipse.


Dragon, this is a good year, especially if you're willing to call in some favors. You have a lot of energy when it comes to creative projects, pleasurable activities, and romance. You could meet someone for a long-term relationship. If you're already in a relationship, you could become closer to each other than ever before. You may expand your circle of close friends this year. You have a lot of luck when it comes to educational opportunities. You may travel to a place you've never been before. It's a good idea to put more effort into a business partnership or collaborative connection, as this can yield some good results. Your credentials could land you a big opportunity around the time of the April eclipse.


Snake, you are in harmony with the energy in 2023. You have a lot of energy for working on your home and connecting with family. It's possible you are changing jobs or moving into a new position. If you own a business, you could expand the company. You have luck when it comes to accessing credit and funding for various ventures. Putting effort into cultivating good habits brings you benefits beyond what you expect. You can find love when you are at the gym or doing outdoor activities. If you're already in a love relationship, your schedules are in harmony, and you are spending more time together. There could be an opportunity for a financial windfall around the time of the April eclipse.


Horse, this can be a somewhat challenging year as the energy moves slower than you would like. But that won't stop you. You're likely to do more travel, especially to see friends and relatives. You may be going back to school or finishing up a degree. You have a lot of luck around relationships, especially romantic ones. If you're looking for love, you can find a good match. If you're already in a love relationship, you'll have a reason to celebrate this year. If you put real effort into your creative projects, you can make great headway or launch your art or music into the world. A chance meeting with an influencer or celebrity could lead to an opportunity around the time of the April eclipse.


Goat, this year, you are in harmony with the energy. You can easily find helpful people to assist you. This is a financially strong year for you. You may be able to bring in money from multiple sources. You have extra luck when it comes to your job, so if one job doesn't work out, another will be available to you. Some extra effort will be needed connected to home renovations or helping out family members. You can meet someone for a love relationship if you will get out of the house. If you're already in a love relationship, your love gets stronger because you're working on a project together. A beneficial job or business opportunity comes around the time of the April eclipse.


Monkey, this year brings challenges and some big rewards. You have a lot more energy this year, and you seem to be speeding ahead of everyone. You can make some great contacts with influential people. This could help you find a job or expand your business. And romance is likely to come knocking. You may be pursued for a love relationship. If you're already in a committed partnership, the fires of passion can be lit again. A creative project comes together better than you expected. Focus your effort on dealing with paperwork, applications, and contracts, and this could bring you money and benefits. The eclipse in April could bring a new addition to the family, or you may launch a business.


Rooster, this can be a challenging year. It will be necessary for you to ask for what you want, and you may have to ask twice. This is quite an active year for you, and you may start a new exercise program that gives you more energy. You have extra luck when it comes to things related to home. Putting in extra effort tracking finances could bring some of the best financial opportunities you've had in years. You could meet a potential partner who shares your values and wants a long-term relationship. If you're in a committed relationship, you agree with each other more often. Around the time of the April eclipse, you could secure a great place to live or make a real estate investment.


Dog, this can be a fun year if you remember to keep long-term plans in mind. You have extra luck when it comes to negotiating contracts, including employment and real estate agreements. It's a good idea to put more effort into self-care, including things like having massages and taking vacations. Finishing and launching a creative project can bring you recognition and additional opportunities. Consider doing some speaking, writing, or teaching, as it can bring a financial windfall. Love is looking for you this year. So if you make yourself available, you can find romance. If you're already in a love relationship, you are getting more and more like each other this year. A short trip could lead to a big opportunity around the time of the April eclipse.


Pig, you are in harmony with the energy in 2023. You're attracting positive attention, and your social standing is elevated this year. You could be very busy with family and extended family this year. You have more luck when it comes to money opportunities, and a financial windfall could come unexpectedly. Putting extra effort into inner work is extremely beneficial this year. This may mean doing meditation, journaling, or working on letting go of the past. A love connection might start quietly before your friends and family know. If you're already in a love relationship, the two of you could be spending more time at home, enjoying each other's company. There's a possible business or career opportunity coming around the time of the April eclipse.

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