Celebrate Mother’s Day With The Stars

Laughter, shopping and friendship - a look at eight famous mother and daughter relationships

Laughter and friendship – eight famous mums and daughters about their special relationships.

Alex and Olga Polizzi

Alex Polizzi, 43, is presenter of The Hotel Inspector and The Fixer. She lives in London with her husband, baker Marcus Miller, and their children Olga, six, and Rocco, two.

‘Mum’s the person I most emulate and would like to live up to. Whatever I’ve tried to do, whatever new thing, whatever venture, whoever I’ve been with, she has never removed her supportive love for me…even when I’ve acted like a twit!’

Olga Polizzi, 68, is the director of design for the Rocco Forte Collection. She has two daughters from her first marriage to Alessandro Polizzi, and now lives with her husband, the author William Shawcross, between London, Sussex and Cornwall.

‘I’ve had hard times with Alex but we get on incredibly well now. We like being together and we try to get away to a health spa in Italy once a year.’