Canny—Wordle 323 stumps players, 'I did NOT think that would be the answer'

The word 'canny' has stumped a number of Wordle players who are insisting that this tricky word has ruined their streaks

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The word 'canny' has frustrated a number of players who were unable to solve Wordle 323 and have complained that this word should not have been included in the game.

In recent weeks, Wordle has thrown curveball after curveball at players who have been challenged to solve the words, 'homer,' 'zesty,'  'askew,' and 'foyer.' Much like these challenges, Wordle 323 on Sunday, May 8, 2022, was another tricky word that infuriated players, as many failed to guess the word 'canny'.

"Wordle 323 X/6 Burn in hell, Wordle," said one player who failed to solve the puzzle. "Wordle 323 X/6 bro what the heck I’m so mad. Stupid a** word," said another.

"Bull**it! The first word ever to break my perfect streak! #Wordle 323 X/6," added yet another.

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Others took to social media to suggest that this word should not have actually been allowed as it is slang rather than an official dictionary word.

"First fail in a while, hadn't realized it was a word..... Wordle 323 X/6," said one disappointed player.

"Didn't think this was a real word tbh, thought it was a local dialect slang word! Wordle 323 4/6," said another. "Wordle 323 5/6 Northern slang made it to wordle," joked yet another player.

However, this word is actually not just slang and there are plenty of ways to use this word in a sentence.

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Canny definition

Some of the confusion from players in the UK, sparked because 'canny' is slang in Scotland and Northern England, for 'good or pleasant.' For example a 'canny lass' would mean a good girl and a 'canny lad' would mean a good boy. 

As this is a slang that is particular to these locations, many players did not imagine that this word would crop up in a US game that is owned by the New York Times.

One helpful Wordle player took to social media to show the word 'canny' being used in cinema.

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While many are familiar with the word 'uncanny' the word 'canny' is a different challenge altogether. The Cambridge dictionary defines the word 'canny' as 'thinking  quickly and cleverly, especially in business or financial matters.' For example, "these salesmen are a canny lot.'

So if you didn't manage to solve Wordle 323, you are not alone! It seems that even if you know all the Wordle hacks and Wordle tricks, there are still a number of challenges that can frustrate even the most experienced Wordle players.

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