Body language expert predicts this couple’s ‘strong bond’ will see them make the Strictly final—but this one lacks the intensity

A body language expert has revealed which couples have enough chemistry to see them to the final, and which couples won't make it

Strictly body language
(Image credit: BBC/Strictly Come Dancing)

Body language expert Darren Stanton has analyzed the Strictly Come Dancing couples at the end of week 10 to reveal which couples have enough chemistry to make it to the final.

Betfair Casino has asked a body language expert to predict which members of the Strictly Come Dancing 2021 lineup could be headed for victory in the Strictly final.

Darren Stanton, a body language expert revealed that while some couples have oodles of chemistry that will help them reach the final, other contestants struggle to have genuine intimacy which may cost them the competition.

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Rhys and Nancy 

Darren revealed that it doesn't seem to be good news for Rhys and Nancy who have a good connection but are more like siblings than a couple with real chemistry on the dancefloor.

“Unlike some of the other couples, Rhys and Nancy seem to display a more brother and sister like relationship and that’s why they may have found themselves in the bottom two," said the body language expert. 

"They may struggle to make it to the final, as they lack the intensity and connection other couples seem to be displaying. This week was a very emotional one for them and I think they believed in their hearts they would be the couple leaving this week.”

John and Johannes 

Although John Waite may have rejected his dance partner at first, Darren says that John and Johannes seem to be on the right path to make it to the final of this competition. 

“Out of all the couples, they are the most in sync and it’s evident by the way they move alongside each other on the dance floor week in and week out. It’s no surprise that John and Johannes topped the leaderboard with their ferocious tango. The way they mirrored each other throughout their tactile and intense routine signifies the strong bond they have with one another and they will certainly be in the final at the end of the competition,” said Darren.

Tilly and Nikita 

Darren revealed that although Tilly was axed from Strictly on Sunday, the star had a great relationship with her dance partner and they will likely remain close after the show. 

“While Tilly and Nikita’s Strictly journey may have come to an end, the pair have no doubt connected on a deeper level throughout their time on the show. During their dances the pair continuously displayed prolonged eye contact—holding each other’s gaze for more than five seconds—suggesting they have developed a strong connection and will likely remain firm friends following their show exit." 

"Throwing caution to the wind, the pair decided to let go and really have fun on the dance floor during their final dance to enjoy one last hurrah together,” said Darren.

Rose and Giovanni

Rose and Giovanni Strictly

(Image credit: BBC)

Rose and Giovanni have been plagued by rumors that they have been struck by the Strictly curse, and only recently Giovanni broke his silence on dating rumors as fans continue to urge the pro dancer and his partner Rose Ayling-Ellis to 'get together.'

Darren revealed that the couple do have good chemistry and a 'very tight relationship' that should help them to the final of the competition.

“Rose looked particularly nervous this week when being judged and kept looking to partner Giovanni for reassurance. A protective Giovanni had his arm tightly around Rose and kept pulling her close—even kissing her forehead at one point—as the panel delivered their verdict. We are still seeing a very tight relationship between the pair and there’s no doubt they have got closer as the weeks have progressed,” said the expert.

Dan and Nadiya

Nadiya Bychkova

(Image credit: BBC)

Dan Walker has been a controversial contestant with Strictly viewers. Dan has received a lot of hate for being saved by the public week after week and many fans no longer want to see Dan in the competition.

The body language expert revealed that Dan and dance partner Nadiya Bychkova have a good rapport but 'what you see is what you get.' 

“Dan and Nadiya clearly have a good rapport with each other, enabling them to dance to a high standard—what you see is very much what you get with the pair. As the weeks have gone on, Dan has become more and more confident and not just on the dancefloor, with the BBC breakfast host even challenging Craig when he delivered his usual scathing feedback,” said Darren.

AJ and Kai

Although some experts have claimed that AJ and Kai could be in trouble for the final, Darren concluded that the couple is in a good position as the couple has a very 'deep connection' on the dancefloor.

“There is clearly a very close relationship between AJ and Kai and the pair seem more than comfortable to have each other in their own personal space both on and off the dance floor. The deep connection and closeness they display when they dance together will make them strong contenders for the final,” claimed the expert.

The Strictly final is now just around the corner and is expected to take place in just a few weeks. In the meantime, the next episode of Strictly Come Dancing is scheduled for Saturday, December 4, 2021, at 6.40 pm on BBC One.

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