Bloodlands season 2 ending explained and could there be a season 3?

As the series concludes, here is the Bloodlands season 2 ending explained and everything you need to know about a possible third season

Bloodlands season 2 ending explained -Niamh McGovern (CHARLENE McKENNA), Tom Brannick (JAMES NESBITT), Olivia Foyle (VICTORIA SMURFIT)
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The series finale of Bloodlands was released on Sunday October 23 on BBC One and fans were shocked by the final episode of this four episode season. 

The final episode of the James Nesbitt series, Bloodlands season 2 aired on Sunday night and finally some of the loose ends from the season were neatly wrapped up. Although the Bloodlands season 2 finale was met with delight from some fans, others were still a little bit confused about some of the specific plot lines.

To help make things more clear, here is Bloodlands season 2 ending explained, as well as what we know about the possibility of another season of the beloved show.

Tom Brannick (JAMES NESBITT)

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Bloodlands season 2 ending explained

It was revealed that Robert Dardis killed Colin Foyle. Although it was theorised that there could be a twist ending and an alternative killer revealed, it was then revealed that Robert must have turned on Colin and killed him. 

It is also thought that Niamh is suspicious that Tom killed Robert, but this has been left open to interpretation by the writers of the show. This is likely to be picked up in a third season.

The police also found Birdy's body in a farmhouse owned by Colin. A clump of Olivia's hair was found on the body by DCS Jackie Twomey and it was assumed that Tom planted the hair so that Olivia would be blamed for Birdy's death.

Izzy was kidnapped by Ryan and later watched as her father tricked him and killed him by beating him over the head with a gold bar. Olivia panicked and went to kill Tom, but Izzy saved her father when she instead shot Olivia in the heart.

The show ended with Tom telling his daughter that he didn't kill Birdy and it was Olivia. He also said he'd cover up her crime and take responsibility for Olivia's murder. The show ended with Izzy looking at the shocking scene as the police approached. 


(Image credit: BBC/HTM Television)

Will there be a season 3 of Bloodlands?

The BBC has not yet confirmed whether there will be a third season of Bloodlands. However, it is clear that fans would be interested in a third season that could help wrap up some of the unanswered questions from the season 2 finale.

If the BBC did choose to release a third season, it is possible that it would be released in 2023 or 2024. The first season of the show was released in February 2021 and a second series was commissioned a month later in March 2021. Hopefully there will be a similar format for the potential third season and the BBC will make an announcement soon!

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