Beyonce reveals she's suffered from insomnia for 'nearly half my life'

Beyonce has opened up about her struggles with insomnia, which she now treats with a holistic remedy

Beyonce reveals she suffered from insomnia from touring
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Beyonce has opened up about her battle with insomnia after years of touring, revealing how she has managed to find relief from the debilitating condition. 

The Single Ladies singer has treated fans to a rare interview, sharing a number of insights into her mysterious—and very private—personal life. 

Speaking with Harper's Bazaar, the multi-Grammy award winner got candid about her health journey, which includes difficulty sleeping. 

Beyonce has endured a hectic schedule since she was a teenager, travelling and performing all over the world to entertain her loyal fans. The shifting time zones and jam-packed schedules have understandably taken a toll on her health, impairing her ability to establish a sold sleeping routine.  

Beyonce at the Grammys

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"I’ve personally struggled with insomnia from touring for more than half of my life," she admitted. A lack of sleep hygiene often leads to restless nights, which can wreak havoc on the body. Luckily, Beyonce has found CBD, one of the most commonly used natural cures for insomnia, to be extremely helpful. 

"I discovered CBD on my last tour, and I’ve experienced its benefits for soreness and inflammation. It helped with my restless nights and the agitation that comes from not being able to fall asleep," she revealed. 

Beyonce isn't the first celebrity to hail the wonders of CBD for sleep. Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart, who also suffers from insomnia, has long been a fan of the holistic remedy. She was introduced to it by her friend Snoop Dog, a known marijuana smoker, and has used it to help her fall asleep ever since. Martha Stewart even got into the CBD for dogs business earlier this year, launching a line of CBD-infused treats for dogs of all sizes. She also has a line of CBD skincare, 86Elm, which carries a range of products infused with the ailment to enhance elasticity and reduce inflammation.

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