Are Irina and Zack from Love Is Blind still together? Here's where the messy season 4 couple are now

Love Is Blind season 4 fans are wondering if Zack and Irina are still together after their engagement...

Are Irina and Zack from Love Is Blind still together
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Love is Blind proved to be just as chaotic and heartwarming as previous seasons, and one couple, Zack and Irina, left fans with mixed feelings. Fans want to know: Are Zack and Irina still together?

*Spoilers ahead*

Since season 4 premiered on March 24, we have been bingeing what is arguably Netflix's most addicting dating show along with the rest of the world - especially after the emotional rollercoaster that the couples from season 3 brought us.

Irina Solomonova and Zack Goytowski, from the very beginning, proved that they were about to embark on a pretty bumpy journey together. Don't get us wrong - there are lots of people on season 4 of Love Is Blind that have been... well... concerning us. Between people falling asleep in the pods, feuds between the contestants, secret affections for each other's partners and more, it's shaping up to be quite the entertaining season (although, isn't that true of every season?)

But are Zack and Irina still together after their engagement on the show? Read on to find out what we know about the couple. 

What is Zack and Irina's story?

From the moment Zack and Irina entered their adjacent "pods," we knew we were destined to be entertained. Between his stripper jokes and then his sharp segue to his childhood trauma, we knew we were in for something interesting with whoever he ended up with. 

Initially, Zack rejected another contestant, Bliss, before proposing to Irina - which caused some pretty big feuds in the lounge. It even reached a point where Bliss tried to inform Zack on the show about Irina's personality, telling him that she believed her to not be a nice person.

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After Zack popped the question to Irina, she told him he looked like a cartoon character (yikes) - and from there, the connection they had harbored in the pods seemed to slowly dissipate.

Then, they headed to their honeymoon vacation in Mexico - and it was there where the couple realized that maybe their relationship wasn't working. "It's been horrible. Absolutely horrible," he says to Irina in Mexico, referencing their time spent on vacation.

Things get even more heated when she admitted she started developing an attraction to her friend's fiancé, instead of her own. We also watched Irina awkwardly dodge a lot of Zack's attempts for affection. So, after all of their drama, are they still together?

Are Irina and Zack from Love Is Blind still together?

Sadly, no Irina and Zack are no longer together, with the couple breaking up on their vacation at the end of episode 5. 

Zack confirmed to TODAY that the two of them have not spoken since Mexico.

"I have not talked to Irina since Mexico. She sent me text messages, but I honestly never responded any of them," he said. 

Irina also talked to TODAY about their relationship, explaining why she doesn't think it worked out for the two of them. "I feel like me and Zack weren’t meant to be,” Irina said. “It wasn’t anything about his looks, or anything like that, it was more of the sense of feeling this gut feeling that he wasn’t the person for me."

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Ultimately, though, she revealed to People that she didn't regret picking Zack in the pods though. 

"I think that Zack was one of the best people I had a connection with in the pods," she said. "We connected a lot about our families and trauma and life in general."

In fact, Irina told TODAY that she encouraged Zack to pursue Bliss after the two decided they were officially splits-ville. "I think what's meant to be, will be," she said. 

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