The Lidl Christmas advert has launched and it’s not quite what we were expecting

The Lidl Christmas advert is packed with playful references to other adverts

A European Robin on a frosty branch on a cold winter's morning
A European Robin on a frosty branch on a cold winter's morning. Worcestershire. England.
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Lidl’s Christmas advert is a journey of adventure and festive fun that's brought a smile to our faces just when we need it. Other retailers like John Lewis (opens in new tab) may tug on our heartstrings with their adverts, whilst others like Aldi have gone light-hearted with their Kevin the Carrot Christmas advert. But for their festive offering, Lidl have gone for a fun tongue-in-cheek approach. 

Parodying some of the more unrealistic advert (opens in new tab) elements that other retailers may favour, Lidl's Christmas advert is definitely memorable. 

Some eagle-eyed viewers have even suggested that it subtly pokes fun at Aldi’s vegetable-themed efforts... 

What happens in the Lidl Christmas advert?

This year Lidl’s Christmas advert, Big on a Christmas You Can Believe In, is even more fun-packed than usual. With animation galore and a hilarious soundtrack, they have taken a very self-aware approach. 

Instead of bringing a tear of sadness to our eyes, it brings laughter. The advert begins with a snowy scene leading to a family home where viewers imagine they are going to witness a friendship grow between a young girl and a robin. 

But just as we are being swept away by the rising music, the accompanying song suddenly announces that this is “a Christmas ad from Lidl with great prices instead”.

From then on the song hilariously references this fact, showing off all the delicious products (opens in new tab) that are on offer at Lidl this Christmas. It’s packed full of other playful touches, such as the idea of “emotional gravy” and the open admission that “there’s usually a moment where we want you to feel sad”.

The Lidl Christmas advert was shown on television at the weekend. It has already achieved over 100,000 views on YouTube. 

Why do viewers think the Lidl Christmas advert jokes about Aldi?

After the Lidl Christmas advert was released, many people began paying particular attention to a certain section near the end. 

In this segment of the video, the narrator sings that: ‘we don’t need cutesy characters when carrots taste this good’ whilst the camera focuses on a roasting tray of carrots. One of them is pierced by the fork of a hungry diner. 

Some have suggested that this is a specific reference to Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot character. 

One Twitter joked: ‘They stabbed Kevin the Carrot’.

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Whilst another suggested the carrot scene was a ‘little dig’ at the competitor supermarket. 

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Another even wrote that the carrot's "death" was like a scene from Game of Thrones. 

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What is the advert’s message?

Regardless of any potential hidden meanings, what’s clear is that Lidl have realised exactly the kind of fun advert we’re needing in lockdown. 

Ryan McDonnell, Commercial Director at Lidl GB, said, “We all need a little light relief this year, so we wanted our Christmas ad to show customers that our commitment to high quality at Lidl prices means everyone can believe in a great Christmas – and we had a bit of fun doing it too!”

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As well as aiming to bring a smile to viewer’s faces, Lidl has also launched the ‘Teaming up to Tackle Hunger’ scheme. This allows customers to donate essential food items directly to their local community at the till, with the retailer matching every donation made. 

The initiative forms part of Lidl's ongoing partnership with Neighbourly to help donate meals to thousands of charities around the UK.

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