Lidl is selling chocolate orange gin and shoppers are loving it!

Lidl is giving customers a treat this Christmas

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Lidl is selling a new chocolate orange flavour gin and it's got everyone talking.

We’ve had Costa Coffee launch it’s Terry’s Chocolate Orange festive menu and now Lidl is catering for those of us in need of a stiff drink with its chocolate orange gin.

The 70cl full flavour Brecon Chocolate Orange gin liqueur is made in the Penderyn Distillery, Wales, and it’s infused with cocoa, silky vanilla and juniper with sweet bursts of orange throughout.

And it is expected to give M&S light up snow globes clementine gin a run for its money - priced at £18.99 as part of it’s winter Spirits Festival. 

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And while some shoppers are already coming up with delicious cocktails to make with the 37.5% bottle, the basic serving suggestions are top with tonic and garnish with cinnamon and orange.

And as the UK prepares to head into a second lockdown, the drink is being well received as it hit stores nationwide from 3rd November.

One eager customer wrote, “We may need to stock up for lockdown part 2!”

Another suggested, “Can make Jaffa cake cocktails from home!!” and a third shopper added, “Hello migraine!”


Brecon Chocolate Orange gin liqueur on sale at Lidl

(Image credit: Lidl)

Meanwhile one shopper noted, “Chocolate orange taking over the world and I’m totally loving it!” 

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Among the other chocolate orange products to go on sale is Cadbury’s Twirl chocolate bar, Domino’s chocolate orange cookies, not to mention a chocolate orange themed hotel room.

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