Kate Garraway and Dominic Raab clash over the government’s mandatory quarantine policy

Kate Garraway has been labelled a ‘cynic’ by Dominic Raab in a debate on Good Morning Britain

Kate Garraway
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On Good Morning Britain, Kate Garraway and Dominic Raab got into a heated debate about the efficacy of the new policy that enforces a mandatory hotel quarantine on people coming into the country, days after Kate Garraway was furious over anti-vaxxers. (opens in new tab)

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, joined Ben Shepherd and Kate Garraway on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday 17 February, to discuss the government’s new policy that concerns people coming into the UK. 

Kate pointed out that it was unusual that Raab began speaking about a foreign affairs ceasefire overseas before he addressed the greater issue that was taking place in the UK. Kate said, “I wonder if people might be surprised that’s what you want to talk about this morning?” she continued, "when something else that’s underneath your purview is being seen as an absolute shambles”

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Kate continued to say that the new hotel quarantining system for people travelling into the UK has been highly criticised and many say that it is overly expensive and ineffective. “Who is checking that this very expensive hotel quarantining system - that some people are having to pay for - who is checking that the right people are actually doing it?” asked Kate.

Raab replied that Kate was being ‘cynical’ and that her line of questioning isn’t ‘fair at all. ’ Kate interrupted and argued, “Hang on I wasn’t saying anything cynical, we were told that you wanted to talk about that [ceasefire abroad] this morning - and it’s an important thing to talk about - but I’m just thinking everyone watching will think ‘why’s he talking about that?’ when there is such chaos at home.”

Raab responded once again by negatively labelling Kate and saying, “I think your approach is rather cynical but let me address the question you’ve asked.”

Raab then made excuses that the restrictions are difficult to enforce, to which Kate responded by saying, “I know it’s difficult to enforce but it is your job to do it!”

Raab seemed flustered and replied angrily, to Kate’s persistent questioning “can you let me answer the question?” He continued, “why don’t you pause and let me explain it because I think people get fed up with media allowing us to try to give honest answers.” 

The interview continued in a hostile way as Kate continued to hold the minister accountable and Raab struggled with persistent questioning. This isn't the first time that Kate has been involved in a hostile debate with a guest. Just the day before, there was a similarly hostile interview that resulted in Kate delivering a passionate speech after a Covid-19 passport row divided guests.

Kate revealed on the show today that she has been struggling with sleep deprivation recently. The broadcaster revealed on the show, “I did say to our team please could you put some extra sugar in my coffee this morning, I am going to need it. I haven't had a lot of sleep, the hair has exploded, it's going to be a fun morning for you, Ben.”

This was likely due to Kate's on-air disagreement yesterday about the sacrifices that everyone must make during the Pandemic. Kate’s husband Derek has been in hospital since he contracted COVID-19 in March last year and she recently revealed that she has not seen him since Christmas. She only recently returned to Good Morning Britain after she was given leave by ITV as she was struggling to cope.

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