Kate Garraway delivers a passionate speech after Covid-19 passport row divides guests

Kate Garraway made an emotional speech on Good Morning Britain about the sacrifices we all make during the Pandemic

Kate Garraway
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Kate Garraway was speaking to a political commentator about ‘vaccine passports’ when she made an emotive speech about the sacrifices that everyone has had to make during the Pandemic.

On Good Morning Britain, Kate Garraway and Ben Shepherd spoke to political commentator Dominique Samuels about vaccinated people being allowed ‘vaccine passports.’

The idea of ‘vaccine passports’ is that people who receive the vaccine will be allowed into public spaces and to travel to different countries. This means that anti-vaxxers will have limits on where they can travel to. Dominique argued against vaccine passports and said, “you are inadvertently being forced to take a vaccine and there are many people that don’t want to take vaccines.”

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The subject became heated quite quickly as Kate deliberately spoke over the guest speaker and made a passionate speech about sacrifice. 

Kate said, “No, you are only being asked to take it if you want to do that activity, I understand the point you are driving at, there are people who are fearful or don't want to take the vaccine.”

Dominique tried to interrupt, but Kate continued, "But we are in a situation where we are all doing things we don't want to do, we don't want to stay at home, we don't want to be in lockdown. A lot of people don't want to wear masks, a lot of people who don't want to do all sorts of things.” 

Kate then spoke about sacrifices in a general sense. However, it was clear to viewers who know more about Kate’s personal situation, why she felt so passionate about this issue.

Kate said, "We would like to go and see our loved ones, we can't, we would like to visit people in hospital, there are many many sacrifices that people are making. And the argument would be that if you choose not to have the vaccine, that is your choice - but it has consequences.”

Kate’s husband Derek Draper is still in hospital and barely conscious after COVID-19 left him in a medically induced coma in March 2020. Kate Garraway revealed the devastating reality of husband's condition (opens in new tab)and said that she hasn’t seen her husband since Christmas in 2020. 

Kate revealed on the ‘5 Years Time’ podcast at the start of February,"It's been really tough for us. Derek got really sick at the beginning of March. Even though we're hoping he can recover, it's taking a very, very long time. We don't know how much he can recover. So that's impacted on us, obviously, dramatically. So, it's been really difficult."

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