This new podcast series champions women’s literature – and here’s why you'll love it

It celebrates the Women's Prize for Fiction's 25th anniversary.

Women's Prize for Fiction

Podcasts have grown in recent years, quickly becoming the nation’s latest on-demand service for new, exciting and relevant content.

Every week, around 7.1 million of us are tuning into a podcast to keep up with pressing issues and hear amazing personal stories. Combining the two is the new series from the Women's Prize for Fiction's Podcast.

Author of Forgotten Women and host of the podcast, Zing Tsjeng and her guests aim to shine a light on the quality and immense variety of women's fiction.

And they've given us a few to start off with! 25sparkling new episodes of the series have already been released to celebrate the award's 25th anniversary this year.

What’s the Woman's Prize for Fiction podcast about?

The series discusses the diverse back-catalogue of Women's Prize-winning books and explores the bookshelves of inspirational women. The episodes are in three strands: Bookshelfie, #ReadingWomen and Live Specials.

The aim of the series is to open up the world of women's fiction to wider audiences, and encourage us all to read more books written by women.

So, what will the series look like?

  • Bookshelfie: A dive into the bookshelves of the guests. These episodes will look at the lives and work of influential women, through the lens of the literature that shaped them.
  • #ReadingWomen: 8 episodes that will encourage people to read the past 24 winners of the Prize throughout 2020. From Zadie Smith's White Teeth to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun.
  • Live Specials: Listen to live recordings of exclusive events hosted throughout the year, including the awards night itself.

Kate Mosse, writer and founder of the Women's Prize says, "The podcast feels like eavesdropping on the best conversation on books in the pub - you'd be pulling your chair in closer! It's informal, wonderful conversation from women from all different fields, readers and writers."

Who will feature on the podcast?

For the next year, Zing Tsjeng will be joined on the exciting new series by a host of guests. Along with Kate Mosse, these will include bestselling writer and cook Melissa Hemsley, and comedian Jessica Fostekew.

Women's Prize for Fiction

“I’m incredibly excited about hosting this series of the Women’s Prize podcast!" Zing says, "There’s going to be some amazing discussions featuring really inspirational people, and I’m especially excited to hear about the life-changing books that sit on other women’s bookshelves."

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She continues, “The podcast is the perfect way to celebrate everything the Prize has achieved over the past 25 years and will give us all the chance to consider what the next 25 years holds for women writers.”

Why should you listen?

The lists of guests is ever-growing on this captivating new series, covering all genres of fiction. Above all though, it's an entertaining and enlightening way to raise awareness about all the amazing work of woman authors out there.

However if you’re yet convinced, there’s another reason why you should tune into the Women’s Prize podcast.

Kate says, "If you're an aspiring writer, there's plenty to help you on the podcast. There's advice woven throughout the episodes. Storytelling is hardwired into our DNA, from the very first time people got together they were hardwired to read and write.

"Our podcast celebrates that - and the voices of tomorrow, whether you're 18 or 88. We want to inspire people from all backgrounds, so more people can get their voice out there."

The Women's Prize for Fiction Podcast is available on Acast and all other major streaming services.


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