These are the most popular dog names of 2020 - can you spot your pet on the list?

Not sure what to name your new pooch? Take inspiration from the most popular dog names of 2020.

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You’ve got the bed, the toys, the food - but what about a name for your dog? If you’re about to hear the pitter patter of paws in your home, you might need some help deciding on a moniker for your new arrival.

Deciding on a name is tricky business. Does it suit the personality of your pet? Would you feel embarrassed shouting it in the street? Is the name too popular, meaning you’re likely to be met with a whole herd of dogs when you call their name in a packed park? See - there’s plenty to consider.

To make things a little easier, have put together an extensive list of the top 100 female and male dog names for 2020. And we weren’t surprised to spot some very topical ones. 

Maggie and Boris both made the cut - perhaps an homage to the British political system, or maybe we’ve all just been watching too much of The Crown. On that note, Princess came in at number 97. 

And while they didn’t make the top 100, comfort food names like Hobnob, Brownie and Cupcake have all increased in popularity. It’s clear to see how most of us spent lockdown… 

But for those of us that haven’t spent the year baking, sporting dog names are on the rise too. With Pele, Tyson and Kobe all seeing spikes. 

Scroll on for the top 30 dog names for females and males. You never know, you might just spot the one. 

Top 30 Female Dog Names 2020

  • 1. Bella
  • 2. Luna
  • 3. Poppy
  • 4. Lola
  • 5. Daisy
  • 6. Ruby
  • 7. Molly
  • 8. Rosie
  • 9. Lily
  • 10. Coco
  • 11. Millie
  • 12. Tilly
  • 13. Willow
  • 14. Roxy
  • 15. Nala
  • 16. Lexi
  • 17. Lucy
  • 18. Bonnie
  • 19. Honey
  • 20. Maggie
  • 21. Lottie
  • 22. Winnie
  • 23. Penny
  • 24. Mia
  • 25. Belle
  • 26. Bailey
  • 27. Holly
  • 28. Pepper
  • 29. Skye
  • 30. Mabel

Top 30 Male Dog Names 2020

  • 1. Alfie
  • 2. Charlie
  • 3. Milo
  • 4. Max
  • 5. Teddy
  • 6. Buddy
  • 7. Oscar
  • 8. Bailey
  • 9. Archie
  • 10. Hugo
  • 11. Barney
  • 12. Monty
  • 13. Toby
  • 14. Bear
  • 15. Rocky
  • 16. Marley
  • 17. Jack
  • 18. Bertie
  • 19. Cooper
  • 20. Ralph
  • 21. Reggie
  • 22. Ollie
  • 23. Buster
  • 24. Dexter
  • 25. Benji
  • 26. Freddie
  • 27. Bruno
  • 28. Frank
  • 29. Jasper
  • 30. Ted

Which is your favourite?

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