Here are 6 ways to deal with an unfair boss

Even the greatest of bosses can be unfair at times. The amount of pressure and responsibility can only be understood when in that position so take it easy on your boss when it comes to the kitchen gossiping, they have it hard enough.

However, this does not mean, in any situation, that your boss has the right to take it out on his or her employees. With great power comes the great temptation to abuse it, and many bosses do.

If you feel like the power has gone to your supervisor or manager’s head and the brunt of their stress is being taken out on you, here are six ways to deal with your unfair boss.

1. Don’t blame yourself

As an employee, even though you shouldn’t, you’re inclined to agree with your boss. “Yes sir”, you automatically respond even to their berating of your abilities. But this is dead wrong. Don’t blame yourself automatically because your boss thinks you’re not doing a good enough job. You’ll slow yourself down, knock your confidence and give your unfair boss another excuse to blast your ear off.

unfair boss

2. Emotionally detach

Your boss is just a coworker higher up the ladder, not a parent figure. Maybe they gave you your first big break but that doesn’t mean you owe them your unfaltering loyalty. Learn to emotionally uncouple yourself from this person and their words won’t carry the same weight.

3. Cover your tracks

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your boss is picking on you or you’ve just made a lot of mistakes. The way to test is by covering your tracks and working as hard as you can. If you improve your work and you’re still being harassed by your boss, it’s time to take action against them.

4. Take it up with his or her superiors

If you genuinely believe you’re being treated unfairly, it’s time to speak to someone. Every company will have a system to deal with employee misconduct. Your cruel boss would probably never consider you going to try and put a stop to his or her arrogance but let’s just reiterate, you don’t owe them a thing when it comes to your workplace comfort.

unfair boss

5. Take responsibility

This one is simple but might save you a lot of trouble. When a mistake is genuinely your fault, own up to it. It might keep your boss off your back and won’t make you look like a spoilt teen with a penchant for playing the victim.

6. Keep your head up

If none of these tips work, all you can do is keep your head up. Show your boss that you’re stronger than his or her personal hang-ups and that you’re there to do your job. You don’t deserve to be treated unfairly and a positive attitude will ensure that you won’t.

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