Spooktacular Halloween drinks—clever secrets to help you impress guests

These easy Halloween drinks are scarily good

Clever secrets to Halloween drinks 2021
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With Halloween creeping up faster than you can say Boo!, it's time to get serious about the spooky evening's drinks menu. 

All Hallow's Eve is less than a week away and after a year and a half of lockdown, we're more than ready to embrace the scary season. Folks everywhere are itching to celebrate the Celtic festival with all their favorite fall traditions, including DIY pumpkin activities, dressing up, and of course, watching the best Halloween movies on Netflix 2021

The ghoulish occasion is also the perfect opportunity to stretch your event-planning muscles ahead of the busy Christmas month, now that social gatherings are finally becoming a staple in our calendars once again. These unconventional Halloween party games for adults are sure to entertain your guests, without making them feel like they're six years old again. Think Tarot cards and Pumpkin Pictionary, rather than apple bobbing and trick and treating. You can even test their feminist knowledge with a quiz on how women helped shape Halloween history with 2000-year-old traditions, if you're looking for a real challenge.

And to keep your guests hydrated during these fun activities, here are five irresistible—and super easy—Halloween drinks ideas. 

Syringe shots

If you've ever wanted to tackle your fear of needles, this next recipe could be for you. Syringe shots are a clever way to jazz up those burning chugs of liquor, replacing the typical miniature glass with a medical device in a Halloween-style finish. 

Your guests won't know what hit them (or should we say, jabbed them?) when you whip out these creepy treats, which are surprisingly simple to make. All you need is a blood-like liquid (think full-bodied red wine or vodka-infused cranberry juice), a bunch of plastic syringes, and a couple of minutes to spare. 

For an extra gross factor, thicken it up with gooey (but admittedly delicious) red jello. Check out the recipe above to get started.  

Halloween Punch

If you're looking for a more traditional way of hydrating your guests this spooky season, Halloween punch is an absolute must. This fruity drink is believed to have been invented in India in the 1600s after British sailors ran out of wine and beer, and continues to quench thirsty party-goers to this day. 

Traditionally served in a large communal bowl, punch is usually concocted with citrus, sugar, spice, and water, with spirits like rum and vodka often added for some extra oompf. 

For a Halloween twist, use a mixture of cranberry juice and frozen cherries and pour into an open pumpkin (a.k.a. a punch-kin!). A cauldron is also a good option, if you really want to impress your guests. 

Bloody Mary

What would Halloween be without a Bloody Mary? Often hailed as a foolproof hangover cure, this bright red cocktail fits in perfectly with the gore and horror of 31st October. The widely-known recipe includes vodka, tomato juice, lemon and Worcestershire sauce, and a couple of dashes of Tabasco. 

Black Magic 

If you're starting to feel like a vampire with all that 'blood', Black Magic might just be the perfect chaser. This sweet cocktail is usually made with syrup, lime juice, and of course, black vodka, but you can also use coffee liqueur to achieve that inky color. For a midnight sky finish, sprinkle in some edible pearl dust—your guests won't know what hit them. 

Witches Brew 

Witches Brew - Halloween drinks 2021

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Historically concocted as a poison, the modern edition of Witches Brew is unlikely to cause any real harm (when drank within moderation, of course!) 

Recipes vary, but a popular mixture includes raspberry liquor, lime juice, syrup, and purple food coloring. You can also create a slimy version by using green food coloring, or blue Curacao ·if you're hoping to really nail that potion look. 

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