This simple interior design hack will bring more summer light into your home

Get ready for summer with this interior design hack

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Interior design hacks may seem too complicated or expensive, but simple updates can often make all the difference to your home as you prepare for a new season. 

Now spring has truly sprung and summer is just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to settle down with your best eReader and enjoy a quiet moment in the sunshine. We may not be able to fly off on holiday soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a wonderful summertime feeling without setting foot outside your front door.

And when it comes to the best way to help make your space feel much lighter and brighter for summer, we have just the interior design hack you need. 

Scarlett Blakey of Ophelia Blake Interior Design has shared a simple tip that will truly help you capture that summer feeling in your home.

Change your curtains for that summer-ready look

If you want to have the light streaming into your home this summer, giving you that holiday feeling, then changing your curtains is an absolute must. 

According to Scarlett, we’re looking for the perfect blend between maintaining our home’s privacy and allowing plenty of light in to brighten our days. 

“In the summer, we want to allow the light to flood into our rooms while retaining some privacy,” Scarlett says. “We suggest using voiles in your windows to allow the light to still flood the room and frame your window. Use linen type textures to ensure maximum softness is achieved.”

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Voile is a soft, sheer fabric that will frame your windows perfectly, whilst ensuring you get the benefit of summer’s golden light illuminating your home. And whilst Scarlett suggests using linen type textures to give rooms a softer edge, you can also do this through accessories.

“Change your cushions and throws from the cosy wool textures of winter, to a softer linen look and team this up with a lighter throw,” she shares. 

“It is all about layering up to create the maximum effect, so do this by exploring different textures and softer pastel tones.”

How else can you refresh your home for summer?

Spring and summer are the perfect months to experiment with florals in your home. Scarlett suggests using pampas grass and dried flowers. These on-trend choices have a longer lifespan and because of this, “can be re-used to match with any interior”, according to Scarlett. 

She continues: “To make a real feature on your dining table, invest in a statement vase and create a floral masterpiece by experimenting with different heights, textures and colours.”

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And we all know there’s nothing like the best scented candle to transform your home, but no matter how much you love winter spiced fragrances, Scarlett advises changing your candles to the “airy scents of summer”.

“From fresh citrus to the clean smell of sea breezes, summer scented candles are a great way to refresh your indoor spaces”, she declares.

Will you be using these interior design hack to get your home summer-ready?

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