Love Le Creuset's autumn range but looking for a more purse-friendly pick? We love these lookalikes

These pumpkin-shaped casserole dishes scream 'Halloween' and will make a stunning centrepiece to your spooky table spread...

The Le Creuset Cast Iron Pumpkin Casserole and two affordable lookalikes on a collage background.
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Whether you've been eyeing up the Le Creuset Cast Iron Pumpkin Casserole dish for a while or you're looking for a cute and festive centrepiece for your next dinner party, we've found the perfect replicas of the cult brand's pricey autumnal dishware.

The Le Creuset Halloween collection is here, and its cast iron pumpkin pot is the star of the show. But like many Le Creuset stoneware pieces, induction pans, and kitchen gadgets, this festive pot has a hefty price tag of £269 attached and rarely makes it to the list of the best Le Creuset deals. If its unique shape and vibrant orange hue aren't enough to win you over its steep price, but you still want a stunning autumn-themed casserole dish, we've found affordable alternatives that look and perform like the real deal.

From a £40 pumpkin casserole dish that's oven-safe to a £45.99 cast iron pot with the same dimensions and construction, there's a pumpkin ramekin that'll cook and hold all your delicious autumn recipes in style. 

The French brand is known for its fun collections that make holiday cooking a bit more enjoyable, like the Le Creuset Harry Potter collection, Valentine's, Christmas, and Halloween. And while the Le Creuset Cast Iron Pumpkin Casserole is more expensive, its durability and unique style, and top quality set it apart from any replica or cookware brand.

So what makes this Le Creuset casserole dish so special other than its pumpkin shape and vibrant Volcanic orange hue? Well, like all Le Creuset's cast iron enameled cookware, you're able to use this pot on just about any heat source, as it's oven, grill, hob, and cooktop friendly. Its large 3.7L capacity is another plus, making this an excellent kitchen addition to a large household. In short, if you can afford the real deal, we highly recommend it.

But if its cute aesthetics and cooking capabilities aren't enough to persuade you to spend £269, keep scrolling to find a few brilliant, cheaper alternatives...

The best Le Creuset Cast Iron Pumpkin Casserole lookalikes

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