Aldi is selling a pizza oven for just £39.99 - here's how to buy it

Aldi has just launched the most affordable summer item - this is when it will be back in stock

Aldi pizza oven
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Aldi has launched the most coveted summer item that is a new necessity for  BBQs. The brand has brought out a BBQ pizza oven – and it's just £40!

Aldi has once again outdone itself. Included in the brand’s new garden BBQ range is a pizza oven that is priced at just £39.99! This product was available last summer and Aldi has finally relaunched it in time for warmer weather in the UK.

Aldi described the Gardenline BBQ Pizza Oven as a ‘fabulous bit of kit’ that ‘will help you provide a sharing favourite for everyone to enjoy.’ The product is ‘portable with 2 carry handles, this barbeque pizza oven can be used on gas and charcoal barbecues to cook pizzas of up to 12 inches easily and effectively. Made of ceramic stone with an easy-to-clean stainless steel interior, this is a sure fire way to keep everyone happy.’ 

Aldi Pizza Oven

Aldi's Pizza Oven

(Image credit: Aldi)
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 Aldi Special Buys - Gardenline BBQ Pizza Oven - £39.99

40 x 35 x 15cm (approx.)

Barbeque pizza oven that can be used on gas and charcoal barbecues to cook pizzas of up to 12 inches. Made of ceramic stone with an easy-to-clean stainless steel interior.

This appliance can be used as an addition to any BBQ or outdoor grill. This explains why it is cheaper than most others on the market, as typically pizza ovens cost hundreds of pounds and are a fully functional separate appliance. 

This nifty oven can be placed on nearly any outdoor BBQ and can transform your summer parties. No more mediocre burgers and burnt sausages – instead you can have gourmet home-made pizzas!

The product came back onto the market on 25th March this year and flew off the shelves. Although the item hasn’t been available for long, it has gone out of stock and fans have already left glowing reviews of the product.

One fan gave the product five stars and commented, ‘Perfect for 12” pizzas, pasties and bbq snacks! Definitely worth the purchase and can't wait for the summer to use it on the new BBQ. Recommended.‘

Another fan commented, ‘Amazing product. Purchased it last summer and it’s an excellent choice for summer BBQ needs! Looking forward to re-using it again and inviting over friends post lockdown to enjoy some amazing BBQ pizza!’ 

Although the pizza ovens are, devastatingly, already out of stock, Aldi has promised to add more to their website soon – thank goodness! But you’d best act quickly if you want to get one. These things sell like hot cakes – or better yet, hot pizzas. 

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