TikTok says you can clean a mirror with a grocery store bag - and the results are shocking

Yet another way we can work to be more sustainable in our homes, thanks to TikTok

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According to a new TikTok trend, you can learn how to clean mirrors in your house with plastic grocery store bags - and it really does work. 

If you've not yet gotten into the habit of going plastic-free and bringing reusable bags when you go grocery shopping, you might have a rather large collection of plastic bags laying around in your home. Let's be honest, even if you use reusable bags, you probably still have a plethora of plastic bags laying around your house, thinking that perhaps you'll find a use for them at some point. Turns out, these bags can be used to clean your best mirrors - and no, we're not kidding. 

TikTok user Cora-Lynn Debsy recently posted a video to her account of her strategy of how to clean a mirror, which includes only using a handful of plastic grocery bags - hers specifically are from American super store Walmart, but you could use any plastic bag for this hack.


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She posted the brief video of her with a clump of grocery bags, and proceeded to wipe them over her mirror, revealing a scratch and smudge-free, clean mirror. 

"I was today years old when I found out a Walmart bag will clean your mirror better than any 'mirror cleaner wipe' can and it's lint free and scratch resistant," she captioned the post. 

It might sound a little strange at first - plastic grocery bags can clean your mirrors? The concept seems implausible upon hearing it, but apparently, TikTok has come to the conclusion that, yes, it really does work. Apparently, there are quite the variety of disposable household items you can use to clean your mirrors aside from mirrors, according to other TikTok users. 

For example, many users said that they use coffee filters in lieu of plastic grocery bags. 

"Use coffee filters ;) they taught me that working in restaurants! Works amazing," one person commented on the original video. 

"COFFEE FILTERSSS! thank me later :)" another said. 

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According to other people in the comments section, you could also opt for newspapers in place of the bags and coffee filters, and it will get the job done equally well. 

It's important to note that, with this hack, you should not use any type of window cleaner liquid with the plastic bags, as the texture of the bags will make it smear. Cora-Lynn made a follow-up post in which she tried to use the hack with Windex, and the liquid smeared on the mirror, rather than leaving it streak-free as her initial hack does with only the bags. 

Who knew!

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