Sienna Miller's pale pink and green kitchen gives 'flashback to grandmas house' vibes - and honestly, we're obsessed

We're feeling as though we may need a kitchen reno after seeing this picture

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Sienna Miller just recently posted a picture of her pale pink and green kitchen to her Instagram, and fans are sounding off about how they think it looks like a nostalgic 'grandma' kitchen.

If there's one thing we're slightly addicted to, it's taking peeks into celebrity homes and seeing how the other half lives. One celeb in particular we're always admiring for a plethora of reasons, really, is Sienna Miller - and ever since we saw a picture of her fabulous pale pink and green kitchen, we haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

It's no secret that green kitchen interiors have kind of been all the rage for the last few years. Ever since Dakota Johnson gave her highly viewed Architectural Digest home tour in which she debuted her stunning Kelly green kitchen, celebs everywhere have followed suit. 

Sienna, who stars in Anatomy of a Scandal, took a new and unique twist on the green kitchen, and it's totally giving us 'grandma' kitchen vibes... except, you know, in a good way.

About a year ago, in August 2022, Sienna Miller did her own version of an AD house tour, and within that tour, she showed off her incredible, English countryside inspired kitchen, which has notable pink and green accents that simply can't be beat. 

According to Architectural Digest, Sienna turned to her friend, director Gaby Dellal, to help decorate and renovate her centuries-old countryside home. The house, overall, is a true dream in English countryside living - with cozy printed wallpapers, low ceilings, cozy farmhouse style interiors, and wood furnishings galore, it is a Pinterest-worthy bucolic English home.

The kitchen, however, is subjectively the star of the show. In the center of the room is a light wood farmhouse set of a table and chairs, which is decorated with a bright pink tablecloth and some fresh flowers of a matching colour. 

She also has some Kelly green industrial-style lamps hanging from the ceiling, adding a bit of a modern twist to the kitchen. The wall is painted a muted salmon colour, adding a lot of warmth to the space, which is then only elevated by the unique and homey glassware and kitchenware she has on the shelves next to her kitchen gadgets, like her modern, yet vintage presenting, white Smeg refrigerator. 

When describing the kitchen to AD, Sienna noted a fun tidbit - "the kitchen cabinets that were made from old school desks."

The house is filled with undeniably romantic scapes, with the kitchen really being at the forefront - and as AD so gracefully put it in their Instagram caption for a post revering the space, it exudes "warmth, impeccable taste, and heartfelt character." 

People in the comments agreed, sharing their appreciation for the comfy room. 

"Flashback to grandma’s house. Mis-matched chairs, too small table cloth, no upper cabinets and an old icebox," one fan said.

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