11 of the best sex books to improve your sex life

Meet the best sex books that feature thoughtful insights to help you learn more about yourself and your partner

Best sex books
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While filling your bookshelf with the best sex books might seem a little outrageous, there’s no shame in wanting to read expert insights and useful advice to improve your sex life and relationship. In fact, it’s something we should all be doing more of. 

While investing in the best vibrators or spending time trying out the latest sex positions can do wonders for your sex life, delving deeper into your relationship with the help of the best sex books allows you to explore your own relationship with sex and your relationship with your partner on a whole new level. Becoming equipped with the knowledge of renowned sex therapists will help you learn more about your own sexuality, improve your sex life, and could even relight the passion in a sexless marriage, or help you seduce a man you've been married to for years in a whole new way. 

Best sex books for heterosexual couples

Whether want to know how to have an orgasm, want sex ideas to incorporate into your next date night, or fancy learning more about female masturbation, there are plenty of sex books out there for you. Ready to delve in? 

Best sex books for Queer Couples—same sex, trans, and non-binary

Our edit of the most useful sex books also features non-fiction bestsellers for heterosexual, queer, and non-binary couples. Beyond bedroom intimacy tips, these great reads examine gender, identity, dating culture, empowerment, and other important topics.