18 of the best sex books to improve your sex life, revealed by the experts

This expert-recommended selection of the best sex books features thoughtful insights to help you learn more about yourself (and your partner) in the bedroom

A selection of best sex books as recommended by the experts
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A pick of the best sex books can help you understand yourself and your relationship better through sexual fulfilment. Ranging from research on the female orgasm to guides on improving intimacy with a long-term partner, there's a read for everyone on our list.

While many people still feel embarrassed talking or reading about sex, there truly should be no shame in wanting to read expert insights and useful advice to improve your relationship. At the end of the day, it's just going to ensure your (and your partner's) sexual happiness in the years to come. We're learning more about what we do and don't like sexually as the years go by and being able to have open and honest conversations about it all - from using one of the best sex toys in the bedroom to differing sex drives. 

All the best sex books are written by experts. So, we've asked an independent panel of psychologists, sexologists, and sex coaches to reveal their favourite self-help books about masturbation, spicing up your sex life, and improving and maintaining a healthy sex life in a long-term relationship. 

The best sex books

Best sex books about masturbation

Books about female masturbation can help you get to know your body better. Whether you're starting from scratch with self-pleasure or looking to enhance your understanding of your desires and pleasure centres, these books are recommended by experts to help you get to know yourself better.

Best sex books for new positions

Books for better sex

If you're in a long-term relationship and looking to spice things up in the bedroom, you're certainly not alone. The experts say this is a common issue among couples who've been together for a long time - it's certainly nothing to worry about. Learning how to have better sex in the future may involve learning something new though, so here, the experts offer their favourite books. 

How to choose the best sex book for you

  • Think about what you want: When it comes to choosing a book about sex, you'll want to consider what your end goal is. Are you looking to understand more about your own anatomy and orgasms? Want to improve the sex you're having? Or just learn more about sex from a psychological, societal or historical standpoint? 
  • Relationship status: The book you might want as a single person may be very different to the book you'd want if you were in a relationship. While anyone can benefit from learning more about their own anatomy and self-pleasure, if you're in a relationship, you might prefer to incorporate this with some information on how to incorporate this into your partnership.
  • Talk to your partner: "Talking is so undervalued in relationships," says Kotziamani. If you're in a relationship and reading one of the best sex books to improve your relationship, take the time to speak to your partner about what's going right in your love life and what could be improved. "Go forward with a non-critical approach and stay open to their thoughts."
  • Digital or physical: Nowadays, you can almost always buy books digitally so they can be downloaded to your Kindle or e-reader. However, some of the best sex books are not available as digital downloads, so it's worth bearing this in mind.
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