The new LELO Dot - does iconic brand's 'pinpoint technology' hit the right spot?

Aoife Hanna tested the new LELO Dot to see what it had to offer, here's what she found

LELO Dot clitoral vibrator on purple background
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Woman & Home Verdict

If you're looking for a user-friendly vibrator that caters to multiple levels of sensitivity and leaves room for foreplay and multiple orgasms then this one's for you.

Reasons to buy
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    Sleek design

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    Easy to use

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    Pinpoint technology

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Reasons to avoid
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The LELO Dot is a sex toy that comes hot off the press with brand-new technology and lots of confident claims. But does their new pinpoint technology hit the nail on the head when it comes to stimulation and satisfaction?

Yes, yes it does and for many reasons, which I'm excited to share with you. The latest model from the luxury brand has had a lot of hype around it, with the new Infinite™ Loop Technology, developed exclusively by LELO for the LELO Dot, making a name for itself before the toy even hit the shelves. This new technology utilizes an elliptical motion - think the infinity symbol or a number eight on its side - as opposed to a more traditional circular motion. Don't let its pointed appearance put you off before you've tried it either because it has a soft, bendable tip, and the toy is made of the ultra-smooth premium silicone synonymous with the brand.

Aficionados will be aware that LELO has won enough awards for creating the best vibrator to fill a decent-sized trophy room and it's clear the brand isn't intending to slow down any time soon. With a hefty price tag of $179 / £159, it's understandable that you'll be interested in knowing the ins and outs of this product and whether it's worth investing in though. Here's the low down on everything from how it works, how to use a vibrator like this, what makes it stand out, and the answer to the eternal question asked of all vibrators: how loud is it really?

LELO Dot specifications

  • Material: Body-safe silicone, ABS
  • Weight: 98 g / 3.5 oz
  • Dimensions: 60 x 46 x 165 mm / 2.4 x 1.8 x 6.5 in
  • Charge time: Up to 2 h at 5.0 V 500 mA
  • Battery: Rechargable Li-Ion 520 mAh 3.7 V
  • Running time: Minimum 120 minutes
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Storage: Comes with satin storage pouch
  • RRP: $179 / £159

Who does the LELO DOT suit?

The Dot is considered an entry-level vibrator and I can't say I disagree, but it's a device that's a surefire hit no matter what your experience levels. To be honest, it's the kind of sex toy that a first-time user could enjoy from day one and keep on enjoying for the foreseeable. It's certainly one of the best sex toys for beginners, but it would also work as a unique vibe in a big collection. 

No matter how confident and experienced we feel we are, we're all wondering how to have better sex and foreplay is one of the often ignored elements of getting in the mood. Among the Dot's many merits are its versatility and its ability to stimulate the multiple erogenous zones - and not just those between your legs. The clever device is designed for external use and it makes you tingle all over, as well as being suitable for direct clitoral stimulation. This means that it's fantastic for both solo use and with partners. 

As the old saying goes, "buy cheap, buy twice," and although you may groan at the amount of dollar this one costs, the quality and guaranteed longevity of the LELO Dot reflects its price.

Photograph of the LELO Dot sitting on a leopard print pillow case with satin pouch, charger and vibrator on display,

(Image credit: Aoife Hanna)

What is the LELO DOT like to use?

There's no denying she's an unusual-looking machine. Initially, I thought that the Dot looked a lot like a vibrating watering can. That being said, don't let how pointy it looks put you off, the tip of the Dot is super soft and the elliptical motion is an absolute revelation. 

This vibrator has three buttons, one in the middle which you hold down to turn the device on and off, and that you press to switch through the eight modes. On either side of the button there are additional plus and minus buttons for increasing and decreasing intensity. I'll admit it, it took a hot minute for me to figure out my way around these buttons - but that's all part of the fun! The Dot's size and shape mean it fits comfortably in my hand and made it super user-friendly.

If you're familiar with LELO's products, which many people will be as they sit among the best sex toys, you're probably well-versed with the vibration patterns programmed into their vibrators and the Dot features these tried and tested tremblers that range from a light teasing sensation to a spattering of pulses. If it ain't broke, don't fix it and I've found there's certainly comfort in knowing which number is your absolute favorite. I'd go to battle for number four, but for partner play, number one is my go-to. 

A photograph of the LELO Dot plugged into the charging cable, sitting on a leopard print pillow case

(Image credit: Aoife Hanna)

The idea behind the pinpoint technology is that it targets the clitoris while avoiding the potential of numbing any areas around it. This, in theory, may make it easier to achieve multiple orgasms or even a blended orgasm when used in combination with some penetrative aspect targeting the G-spot. 

But let's never forget all the fun stuff that happens in the lead-up to orgasm too. That's where my focus was when I was testing the LELO Dot and where the toy stands out as you can run it along your thighs, collarbone, neck, nipples, or even the inside of your elbow crease to get the senses on fire before you've even approached the finish line. 

The vibrator works whether you want a quickie or to take it slowly too and it's one of the best couple's sex toys overall because of this, and because it fits so well between partners while also leaving room for other types of stimulation.

I loved how you're able to moderate the levels of sensation, not only via its buttons but also by angling it differently, or by using different parts of the device itself. As much as you can use the pointed tip, you can also the bulbed end of the toy for more subdued play. 

Once you know how to clean a vibrator, spritzing the LELO Dot after use is an absolute breeze whether it's just for you or the toy is being shared. Although I'm a loyalist of the brand's Sona device, the Dot is actually easier to clean so it's the vibrator to go for if you're concerned about this. 

Photograph of the LELO Dot on charge with a white charging cable going into the bottom end of the toy

(Image credit: Aoife Hanna)

What are the noise and charging like on the LELO DOT?

If you've got flatmates, neighbors, or common decency, you're likely concerned about anything that sounds like a pneumatic drill. Although I've yet to come across a truly silent vibrator - and am perhaps past worrying about my flatmate, neighbors, or common decency - LELO definitely produces some of the quietest you can find. The LELO Dot is certainly among its least noisy but that doesn't mean the individual using it won't be on full volume.

All LELO charging cables are compatible with their products, aside from its first-generation toys such as the LELO Smart Wand. This makes it super easy if you're lucky enough to already have some of their products and if you're like me and are forever losing charging cables - the more ubiquitous the better.

It's all ready to go within two hours, which is both how long it takes to fully charge it and also how long its battery lasts. Two hours might not sound like very long but honestly, it's super satisfactory.

w&h verdict on the LELO DOT

In my humble opinion, maximalism is the name of the game about prioritizing one's own pleasure - especially for women. Fill up your cup with everything from the best wand vibrators to the best rabbit vibrators, you're worth it! However, if you're looking for an investment that's a one-and-done kind of purchase that will satisfy your own needs while also being excellent for partnered sex, the LELO Dot is the one. Premium cost for a premium product, it's certainly one of the top luxury sex toys.

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