The secret sign that the new Omicron Covid variant could cancel Christmas revealed

Conspiracy theorists think that the new Omicron Covid variant may cancel Christmas because of this bizarre sign in the name

Omicron Covid variant
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Conspiracy theorists believe that the new omicron Covid-19 variant may be signaling that Christmas will be canceled this year—and the theory behind this is bizarre!

As the festive season approaches usually our focus is on buying the best Christmas trees or best Christmas decorations, but this year, much like last year, our major concerns are about whether we will be able to spend time with our loved ones and if there is another lockdown may be on the horizon. This fear has been particularly heightened by the discovery of the new omicron Covid variant.  

The long-term symptoms related to Covid-19 include respiratory problems, loss of taste, hair loss, and shortness of breath but as this new variant is still in its infancy, many people are worried about the unclear nature of the virus and the potential severity of the long-term side effects.

The concern about this virus is so intense that some conspiracy theorists have even suggested that the name of the variant itself is a sign that there won't be any Christmas celebrations this year.

Conspiracy theorists think that they have sussed out a hidden message from the name 'omicron b' —short for Omicron (B.1.1.529): SARS-CoV-2 Variant—which is an anagram of the phrase 'no crimbo.'

"OMICRON B....Has anybody else sussed that it can spell out NO CRIMBO..." said one Twitter user.

"Is it just a coincidence that the new Covid variant Omicron B is an anagram of 'No Crimbo'? #FestiveLockdown" said another.

"When the general public finds out that Omicron B is an anagram of 'No Crimbo' all hell's going to break loose." said a third.


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Other social media users have chimed in to stop the conspiracy theorists scaremongering.

"Anyone who thinks that Omicron B being an anagram of No Crimbo is a conspiracy needs to splash some cold water over their face," said one social media user.

"Apparently NO CRIMBO is trending because it's an anagram of Omicron B. Most people find this mildly amusing, but there are a few pillocks going full tinfoil hat about it. Good job it's also an anagram of B MORONIC..." said another.

"There are GENUINELY people claiming Omicron B is a conspiracy because it is an anagram of 'No Crimbo'. I'm going back to bed," said a third.

Although it is obviously a coincidence that the omicron variant is also an anagram for 'no crimbo,' there are genuine concerns that Christmas may be in lockdown again this year because of this variant.

The government response to the omicron Covid variant has been to encourage people in the UK to get vaccinated and to book their Covid-19 booster jabs. Measures have also been put in place to encourage masks in public spaces so that transmission is also reduced.

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