Feeling stressed? Watching funny dog videos may help, according to a report

One video could turn a ruff day into a better one

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If you’re feeling stressed over a difficult task (or just life in general), tuning into a funny dog video could make all the difference, according to a new report.

Learning how to deal with stress is beneficial for our overall health because studies have shown that stress can silently wreak havoc on our bodies. Learning how to breathe better, along with incorporating L-theanine into your diet, has been proven to reduce stress levels. But recently, a study published by VeryWell Mind, supports the idea that watching adorable videos of cute furry friends can help decrease stress levels "due to positive social interactions", and increase our productivity.

Since there is an abundance of pet videos all over social media,  pet insurance experts at money.co.uk researched the funniest breeds of dogs in order to determine which ones are the best to tune into to reduce stress levels.

The 5 funniest dog breeds that reduce stress levels

Funniest dog videos

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After analyzing the top 10 "funniest dog and puppy" video compilations on YouTube, researchers discovered 419 identifiable breeds were featured. 

  1. Golden Retrievers
  2. Siberian Huskey
  3. French Bulldog
  4. Chihuahuas
  5. Corgis

The top dog that seemed to outnumber them all though were Golden Retrievers, which appeared in the most videos (a total of 37 times). This breed is known for having a nurturing behavior, and according to YouGov data, is also the second most popular breed of 2021 in Great Britain.

Funniest dog videos

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The second most laugh-inducing breed on the internet is the Siberian Huskey which made a total of 33 appearances over the course of over an hour and a half of content. The experts labeled this breed as one with a "mischievous" side which can help spur some hilarious content.

Funniest dog videos

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Smaller dogs have also made significant appearances in dog videos, but none as much as the French Bulldog which was seen 28 times over the course of the research. Followed by this playful pup was Chihuahuas having appeared 26 times, while the royal breed of Corgis was only featured 24 times, placing them fifth.

For those days that just seem impawsible, here's the excuse you've been looking for to take a break, relax, and enjoy a hilarious video of any of these top five dogs to help relieve your stress. Feeling tempted to get a dog? Make sure you read our guide to how often your dog needs walking so you understand the care needs of your chosen breed. 

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