The Worst Fad Diets Of 2015

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  • Should I cut out dairy? Is that wine gluten free? Am I risking my health by eating hot food? These questions and more have plagued people around the world who are trying to lose weight and boost their health. Almost every week a new diet claiming to be the best hits the headlines, so it’s no wonder we’re more confused than ever about what to eat.

    Whilst some diets do have health benefits, including weight loss and increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, some are downright nutty. Dieters around the world have gone to extreme lengths to shed the pounds, stirring butter in their coffee and timing their meals with the sun and moon.

    2015 was undoubtedly the year of the Paleo diet, which advises dieters to eat what cavemen supposedly ate, closely followed by the Gluten Free diet. Supermarket shelves stocked increasing
    amounts of ‘Free From’ products, and restaurants catering to specific
    diets started to become popular. Despite celebrity endorsement and published bestsellers, these new diets have created a lot of buzz and controversy over their scientific merits and reported benefits.

    Whilst research has slated some new controversial diets, its also found flaws in diets we once thought were healthy, such as the popular low fat diet. With all of the regimes, it’s apparent that drastically reducing or eliminating certain food groups can result in deficiencies and problems further down the line.

    From weight gain to retinal damage, we’ve discovered the truth behind the diets that ruled 2015. Read on to find out if your diet is ruining your health…

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