The Best Apps For Busy Women

Lift your mood, improve your sleep or learn something new with our guide to the best lifestyle apps...

Are you forever using your smartphone to check your email or Facebook but little else? Us too, but we’ve recently discovered a whole host of apps that can make life so much easier.

As busy women, we spend so much of our time planning our schedule, doing the weekly food shop, trying to get enough sleep and – occasionally – squeezing in the odd half-hour of pampering. But life doesn’t have to be so hectic. There are thousands of apps out there that are designed to make life easier, and even save you money.

We’ve scoured the app store to find the tech that truly makes a difference, and after testing them, we rely on a few handy apps to beat stress, improve sleep and even identify that mysterious garden plant we were wondering about! Don’t go another moment without checking out our favourites – all available to download from the Apple app store or Google Play.

From the at-home bra fitting app that’ll make underwear shopping so much easier, to the beauty app that will ensure you’re feeling pampered even if you only have an hour spare, these are the best apps to download right now…

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