The special underwear that could help with your menopausal hot flushes

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Hot flushes can be one of the most debilitating symptoms of the menopause - and frustratingly, there's often little we can do to temper them besides lying in front of a fan.

But now, one company have launched a product that could change the way we experience hot flushes forever.

Underwear brand Become have unveiled a range of knickers and vests that they say have been specifically designed to cool you down during the menopause.

According to them, the undergarments "regulate body temperature, wicks moisture away from the body and reduces odour" - all thanks to the unique fabric they're made of.

Become claim that the underwear will help you to maintain a more stable body temperature by absorbing the heat of your hot flush when it happens, and releasing it back onto your body during the sudden cold chill that comes after it.

menopause underwear

And the 'Anti-Flush' technology seems to be working - as so far, 87% of women they asked have experienced a reduction in the number and severity of night sweats and hot flushes.

Currently, the brand sell the knickers and vests separately - with the vest available for £39, and the underwear on sale for £19. Alternatively, you can buy a vest and knicker set for £49, a pack of three vest for £99, or a pack of three knickers for £45. You can buy all the products here.

At the moment, the 'Anti-Flush' products are available in two colours, a 'biscuit', a lighter tan colour, and a black.

menopause underwear

And so far, the Become underwear is winning rave reviews.

On the TrustPilot website, plenty of happy customers have shared how the products have helped them through the menopause - particularly during the sticky nights of the recent heatwave.

One shopper wrote, 'Can not recommend this enough - really works! After one week I bought another 3 tops and the knickers. I sleep so much better being more comfortable at night.'

While another customer commented, 'Become underwear is a breakthrough for women everywhere! It not only looks lovely, but does a fab job in helping to cool you down when those dreadful night sweats and hot flushes start. Amazing!'

menopause underwear

And the praise doesn't stop there. A third fan said, 'I don’t stop recommending this company to friends. The clothing has helped me through a very tough time with my menopause. What would seem like a small thing can make such a big difference! Very happy customer indeed.'

Of course, not all products work the same way for everyone - so there's a chance that these may not be as beneficial for your menopause symptoms as they seem to have been for others.

However, with glowing reviews like that and the possibility of reducing discomfort - we reckon it's definitely worth a try.

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