Is HRT Now Good For You?

For years doctors were super cautious about prescribing HRT but there’s been a rethink says Patsy Westcott

Plagued by menopausal miseries? For the past decade official advice has gone like this: ?Take HRT but in the lowest dose for the shortest time to avoid increasing your risk of breast cancer and heart disease.? For healthy women with debilitating symptoms we can now say with confidence that HRT is effective and safe,? says Mr Tim Hillard, consultant gynaecologist at Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and former chairman of the British Menopause Society.

The current NHS line is that, taken for up to five years, HRT?s benefits outweigh its risks. But, says Mr Hillard, ?This time limit is fairly arbitrary. For many women favourable effects outweigh any downside for much longer.? Here?s what you need to know?

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