Feeling snug is critical for our wellbeing, psychologist reveals

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feeling snug crucial wellbeing
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Feeling snug is critical for our wellbeing, a leading psychologist has revealed.

From wrapping up in a blanket and dimming the lights, to watching a film and putting the fire on, getting comfortable could be a crucial for improving our mental state.

Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman said the snug feeling associated with being in our home leaves us comforted and content because of our emotional attachment.

She said: “As a species we are fundamentally territorial, which means for most people home is very important on an emotional as well as practical level.

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“During the winter months, with the long hours of darkness, it makes sense for us to want to hunker down in our ‘den’, taking care of ourselves and the people and things we hold dear.

“Scandinavians have a word - hygge in Denmark, mysig in Sweden - that encompasses the concept of ‘snug’ but goes further, to incorporate the emotions associated with friendship, togetherness, cosiness and charm.

“This is the feeling that we are all aspiring to when we plan a cosy night in, on our own or with our loved ones.”

feeling snug crucial wellbeing

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A study of 2,000 adults, commissioned by wood burning stove manufacturer, Contura, ahead of National Cosy Night on November 30, found for two in five, even just the word ‘snug’ makes them feel content and happy.

And six in 10 believe they ‘need’ a certain amount of cosiness in their lives to feel good with more than two thirds of Brits believing relaxing nights in are good for their wellbeing.

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Around four in 10 admitted they struggle to go more than three days without having a relaxing night in before feeling they need one, while almost a third would happily spend every night at home in the winter.

More than two thirds even said nights in are one of their favourite things about the winter months and seven in 10 prefer a night in to a going out when the colder season hits.

All this talk got you feeling like a cosy a night in? Here are the top 20 things that make us feel ‘snug’:

  1. Watching a film/TV
  2. Having a hot drink
  3. Lying on the sofa
  4. Being wrapped in a blanket
  5. Getting into bed
  6. Closing the curtain/shutters/blinds
  7. Eating warming home-cooked food
  8. Hearing or watching the weather outside (rain, wind, storm)
  9. Wearing slippers or fluffy socks
  10. Wearing pyjamas
  11. Dimming the lights
  12. Cuddling a loved one
  13. Having a bath
  14. Having candles lit
  15. Having a log fire burning
  16. The smell of a scented candle
  17. Snuggling with a pet
  18. Having music on
  19. Having snacks, e.g. popcorn, chocolate, cake
  20. Ordering a takeaway
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