Experts explain why you shouldn't leave the central heating on overnight

This is why you might be finding it hard to sleep...

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Many of us love to get into bed with the central heating on, so we’re nice and cosy before we drift off.

But experts have warned that going to bed with the central heating on can make it difficult to have a restful night’s sleep. There seems to be a simple explanation for this too.

Our bodies struggle to deal with the fluctuation in temperature, and as difficult as it is, it’s actually better to let your bedroom cool down before you get into bed.

Sleep expert James Wilson, also known as The Sleep Geek, has revealed that doing this encourages the body to drop to the core temperature needed to have a good night’s sleep.

He said, "Often we are told the bedroom should be 16C to 18C but for some people that is too cold, so it is better to focus instead on simply making the bedroom feel cooler than the rest of the house.

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"The more important temperature for sleep is the one between the mattress and the duvet, which should be between 27C and 29C."

In fact, the solution to this problem requires you to strike a balance with your bedroom’s temperature. According to The Sun, Christabel Majendie, sleep expert at Naturalmat, says it’s important to ensure your bedroom isn’t too hot or too cold.

She said that a hotter environment is more disruptive to sleep than a cold one is, and the artificial heat can ‘wreak havoc’ on your body.

Hot, dry air can leave you dehydrated, and even reduces your ability to fight off infections. Leaving the central heating on all night can also leave you thirsty and with a dry mouth.

Instead of using the central heating, Christabel recommends wrapping up warm in blankets made of cotton or wool, as this is best at regulating temperature.