Davina McCall’s 5 Weeks To Sugar-Free

Davina McCall has ditched sugar and feels great. Could her plan persuade you to do the same?
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  • Going sugar-free might be the latest diet craze, but self-confessed sugar addict, 47-year-old TV presenter Davina McCall isn't a fan of fads.

    ‘I have to admit, I do glaze over a bit when I try to take in all the conflicting dietary advice that seems to fill the media’, she says in the intro to her latest book, Davina’s 5 Weeks To Sugar-Free (£16.99, Orion).

    ‘Eat carbs or cut carbs? Should I be eating low-fat or not? Cut out wheat? Stop dairy? OMG – what do I do? I just want a sensible, healthy way of eating, with the minimum of fuss.’

    What Davina does know though is the effect sugar has on her energy levels, moods, skin and waistband. She openly admits that she would wolf down 5 bags of Haribo when filming and insist on having 3 teaspoons of sugar in her tea.

    ‘Whenever I’d had a sugar pig out, I felt rubbish; so angry and disappointed with myself’, she says. ‘I’d have huge slumps in energy, I gained weight and my clothes felt uncomfortable. Even my skin felt prickly – I hated it.’

    When she read about the health benefits of giving up sugar, the advice made so much sense. So, with the help of dieticians and a cook, Davina devised a five week plan to banish that sweet tooth and transform her eating. This forms the basis for the diet plan.

    Here she shares her simple rules for ditching the white stuff and a few delicious dishes from Davina’s 5 Weeks To Sugar-Free

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